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Choosing the right commercial lock for your business can be a complicated process. It is not just a matter of comparing prices and determining whether you want traditional locks or more modern security systems. Selecting and installing the appropriate locks can be a significant concern, especially for commercial businesses looking to improve the safety of their workplace. With so many different ways of protecting your business, knowing what locks and security systems to choose from can help you make the right decision. 

Lever-Handle Locks

Lever-handle locks are a common choice in many commercial workplaces. These can help to limit access between interior rooms and environments, but they usually provide only a rudimentary level of overall security. Even lever-handle locks of the best quality may not be able to compete with deadbolts and other more efficient or modern options. They typically are not suitable for environments and workplaces that demand higher security, but they are a flexible solution. These can prevent internal security issues from causing too many problems. Lever-handle locks can be a suitable choice for those who want simpler mechanisms without over-complicating their security system.

Keyless Entry System

Modern keyless entry systems have a lot to offer in both security features and protection. Keyless systems are suitable for use in businesses that require a higher degree of security. They can also increase safety by tracking and recording key cards, access codes, or even the biometric information used to unlock them. Electronic locks and keyless entry installations can work even better when used with other security or surveillance devices. These systems are also convenient to use, as you will not have to carry many keys around or worry about losing them.


Although padlocks are not very permanent solutions, they still offer versatility for different uses and situations. Padlocks can be a great way to protect lockers and storage rooms while ensuring that intruders cannot get into unauthorized spaces. While padlocks are simple and useful, they do not often have the same level of protection as other modern options such as biometric scanners or keyless entry systems. Regardless, they are a good choice if you prefer something cheap yet straightforward to protect your valuables.

Locks with Interchangeable Cores 

Unlike their more-traditional counterparts, interchangeable-core locks are designed to be rekeyed without replacing the entire mechanism. Interchangeable-core locks can be a good investment for businesses that need to rekey their locks regularly. When it comes to updating older installations or dealing with misplaced keys, simply swapping out the core of the lock can be very convenient and cost-friendly. 

Mortise Locks

Like cylindrical lever locks, mortise locks are commonly used as commercial door locks because of their strength and durability. Mortise locks have been consistently used in commercial settings due to their general ability to withstand continuous use. These locks are suitable for areas where you might frequently use the lock.

Aside from that, the size of the bolts in a mortise lock helps make it a lot more durable. Since the deadbolt is located inside the lock body, it is more resistant and can be more challenging for others to tamper with. Not to mention, mortise locks have higher cycle counts, primarily due to the strength of their internal mechanisms. Their higher cycle count helps them be more resistant to natural wear and tear, and they can be in use for a longer time.

Choosing and installing locks is one thing, but maintaining the security of your business is something else. Kardo Locksmith offers a variety of services at an affordable price, including commercial locksmith services. Give them a try whenever you need to hire a residential locksmith Hollywood.

By Anurag Rathod

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