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Gelatin capsules are a popular and convenient method to take medication, herbal supplements, vitamins, or your own bespoke dietary supplement blend. They are usually the most widely produced and least expensive capsules on the market. People usually prefer to buy empty capsules made from gelatin material for safe consumption of medication.

Capsule USA now provides a broader selection of Gelatin Capsules. Clear gelatin capsules, colorful gelatin capsules, as well as flavored capsules for all tastes! We have it all ready for you if you can think of it. Thus, if you are thinking of getting gelatin capsules, the wide variety might confuse you. But nothing is there that you should be worried about. Instead, look at this guide to pick the right empty gel capsules size 4. Read now!

What exactly is Gelatin?

Gelatin is formed from collagen, an animal protein composed of eighteen distinct amino acids present in organs, connective tissues (usually hides), and the bones of animals. Capsuline’s gelatin is created entirely of bovine hide gelatin and is completely BSE-free.

Because gelatin is known to be an animal product, it is not suitable for everyone. Those with culinary or religious restrictions may want to use our vegetarian-based empty gel capsules size 4 instead.

Advantages of Gelatin Capsules

The benefits of taking supplements encased in gelatin capsules are primarily focused on affordability and what the consumer considers morally acceptable. It’s also crucial to note that all of our gelatin capsules are devoid of preservatives, allergies, gluten, and genetically modified organisms.

Furthermore, they are both Kosher and Halal certified. Other advantages include their ease of swallowing, capacity to disguise smells and unpleasant tasting vitamins, and ability to dissolve swiftly after digestion. Gelatin capsules come in sizes of 4, 3,2, 1, 0,00, and 000.

Disadvantages of Gelatin Capsules

Because gelatin capsules are derived from animal byproducts, persons unable to ingest animal-based goods, such as vegans, cannot take their vitamins in these capsules. Vegans and others with religious dietary restrictions might choose vegetarian capsules as an alternative.

However, it all boils down to the filler substance employed. Gelatin capsules function well with powdered or herbal ingredients and aren’t always ideal for gel or liquid formulations.

Storing Gelatin Capsules

Capsules must always be stored in a cool, dry area to maintain quality and prevent breaking or deformation. Gelatin capsules should be stored at temperatures ranging from 59 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit / 15 to 25 degrees Celsius, with 35 to 65 percent relative humidity. Capsules can be stored in this state for up to five years before they expire.

Different Types of Gelatin Capsules

The modern gelatin empty gel capsules size 4 are made entirely of natural hide gelatin and are BSE (Mad Cow Disease) free. Furthermore, all of the gelatin capsules are Kosher and Halal certified, making them ideal for marketing to your customers.

These gelatin capsules are simple to use, pleasant on the throat, and completely natural, which distinguishes Capsule USA from other capsule wholesalers. Continue reading to learn about the many varieties of gelatin capsules available:


Capsule USA offers a diverse range of tastes. Everything from berry to bubble gum, mint to coffee, and virtually everything in between. With a pleasant tasting capsule, producers may help hide the unpleasant taste of vitamins, minerals, and therapeutic goods.

According to the experts, the most popular capsule flavors are berry, lime, mint, coffee, and bubble gum. Not sure which flavour to get? Capsule producers typically sell a “party pack” that includes all of the different flavour selections. Each flavored pill has a hue that corresponds to its flavor. Berry taste, for example, has a purple-maroon tint, whereas lime is green. Flavored tablets are only available in the color that corresponds to the flavor.


Size and color are two of the most effective methods for individuals to distinguish their drugs on a daily basis. Capsule offers a wide range of colored capsules, including blues, purples, yellows, bi-hued, black, and clear capsules. Colored capsules are excellent for concealing pharmaceutical medications, especially when the substance does not appear very tasty. All colored capsules are flavorless and should work well with almost any substance you put inside them.

On the other hand, clear capsules are accessible if you are seeking a capsule that showcases your product. This is a unique method of marketing that might imply a certain level of openness. Capsules are flavorless and should work well with almost any substance you put into them.

All colored capsules are flavorless and should work well with almost any substance you put inside them. Certain products with overpowering flavors, such as fish oil, may not be the greatest choice for a flavorless capsule.


The capsule sizes range from 000 to 4, with 000 being the biggest and four being the smallest. Capsule sizes should be determined by the substance being used and how much of that product is required for one dose. Some vitamins and minerals may not require much to be effective, whilst others require more to be absorbed.

The 000 size is approximately an inch long, which is comparable to a huge multivitamin or antibiotic. While larger sizes provide more space for your product, they may be more difficult for the consumer to swallow. Choosing a taste for a big capsule, such as size 000, would be the most successful combination to decrease gagging in customers due to its huge size.

Size 00 cans store around 570 mg and are one-third the size of size 000 cans. Size 00 is the best option if you want a large capsule to hold all of your product but don’t want to take the pill to be difficult. Size 00 is available in all possible tastes and color combinations, making it an excellent universal capsule for any product.

Pet-friendly Capsules

Are you working on a pet product? Most capsule manufacturers use 100 percent natural, Kosher, BSE-free gelatin and provide tantalizing tastes like bacon, chicken, and beef. No more force-feeding your pet or hiding the pill in goodies just to have it spat out on the floor. Give your customers a competitive advantage in the pet product industry by using tasty tastes that pets will like. Every size of pet capsule is available.

Vegetarian Options: A Gelatin Substitution

Is your target audience concerned about their health? Not all capsules are the same. At the same time, gelatin capsules include animal tissue, which aids in the digestion of the contents within. As a result, several of the biggest capsule manufacturers provide vegan-friendly capsules. These chlorophyll capsules are entirely composed of plant stuff and include no animal products or byproducts. This supplement is ideal for vegetarian and vegan diets. The chlorophyll capsule is green in color and comes in all capsule sizes.

Get The Finest Quality Gelatin Capsules Delivered

This guide consists of everything that can help you make up your mind for purchasing the best quality capsules for your medication consumption. If you want to buy empty capsules without compromising quality, Capsule USA is right there for you. We have the best products made from the best materials for our customers, and their satisfaction is our major aim. Have a view of our wonderful collection of capsules from our website, and make your purchase now. Bounce now to our website for more!

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