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Style decor, safety and UV rays’ protection are like 3-in-1 utility served by the awnings used by the modern homeowners. At present, variety of awnings have filled in the gap of requirements of customers. But the point is why should window awnings be used for home? Well, the list of benefits awning offers is endless. To start with, protection from the scorching heat of the Sun, privacy and improving quality of life with chic designer awning has become the much-demanded thing in the home improvement section. 

Have you ever wondered the difference between different types of awnings and yet not figured out their significance? In that case, read on this article to explore some of the top reasons to choose window awnings for home.

Leisure, relaxation, keeping out UV rays, making surroundings appealing and offering privacy to adding volume to outdoor space, awnings for windows have always been the notable investment for all sized living areas. Here are some of the reasons that cannot be overlooked in order to determine the resourcefulness of awnings for home: 

Most of the awnings are energy efficient

In addition to being an add-on to outdoor décor, most of the awnings are energy-efficient. With the smart addition of retractable awnings, it is possible to reduce cost of maintenance. In fact, these awnings reduce heat and keep home as well as commercial building cool. 

UV rays can be blocked further providing protection from sun

The harmful rays of sun, the UV rays can be locked out by using awnings. It has been witnessed by researchers that these awnings have power to block 94% UV rays. To frame it precisely, direct sunlight and UV rays emitted by it can be eliminated from the daily routine.

Home and lifestyle become impressive with awnings 

Everyone loves their home to become a centre of attraction and they invest on various utilities. But the point which needs to be highlighted here is even lifestyle turns impressive when window awnings are purchased.

Affordable and customized awnings are available in the Indian market

Why settle for the available options when the customized and affordable awnings are available in the Indian market? The buyer has to just select the best deal rather than randomly choosing any awning manufacturer randomly. 

Some of the awnings have basic mechanism which makes them suitable for home 

Complicated, motorized and diverse applications of window awningsrestrict them to some of the buyers. On the contrary, basic features and mechanism of awnings for windows enable consumers to optimally utilize the selected awning and revamp their home décor. 

Now that reasons to choose window awnings have been listed above, take a look at the options of awnings for home:

Top window awnings for interiors: 

  1. Manual retractable awnings: If you want a manual control, then, retracting and extending retractable window awningswill serve your purpose. These manual awnings are affordable, compatible with many surfaces and can be installed easily. 
  2. Remote control awnings: As the name suggests, handy access of pulling up or rolling down awnings through remote is the ideal function for people who want flexibility in the product. These window awningsare fully adjustable and powered by the motor. By merely pressing button on the remote, the awnings for the window can be managed. Unlike the manual window awning, remote operated awnings don’t compel you from your place. 
  3. Fixed awnings: These awnings do not require much maintenance. After installing them at one place, these awnings for window last for almost a decade. They just need to be rinsed annually or bi-annually to retain their impressive look as well as smooth functioning. Aluminium fixed awnings are designed to contribute to beautiful surroundings at home and their protection is glitch-free. 

Apart from the above window awnings, patio awnings, vertical awnings, freestanding awnings and portable awnings are the other options that can be considered when it comes to shield and beautify interiors at the same time. 

Furthermore, it will not be wrong to state that one can reduce costs by using energy efficient awnings for windows. However, you should always select the seasoned professionals who design unique, effective and long-lasting window awnings. There are no second thoughts about the need to upgrade home décor yet without messing up with the theme, colour or style. In such circumstances, the customized awning proves to be the effective solution for the homeowners. But, they should always set realistic expectations and be prepared for other alternative, in case, their imaginative streak is not available in the collection of the manufacturer. To keep it simple, even customization of awnings has a limitation, wherein, few requirements may be the excluded. On a whole, it can be concluded that greenhouse emissions, privacy and absolute productivity are offered by awnings for home. 

By Anurag Rathod

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