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If you dread the 9-5 grind stuck in an office cubicle in front of a computer screen, you’ll be glad to know there are a myriad of other career paths that you can pursue. These jobs allow you to be outside surrounded by the elements while still getting paid for it. If you consider yourself an outdoors person, here are some of the best jobs that can best suit your personality and preference.

Landscape Developer

Also referred to as landscape architects, these professionals are responsible for designing aesthetically pleasing and functional park spaces. They work on gardens, playgrounds, recreational areas, government facilities, and private properties. As a landscape architect, you’ll meet with clients, draft design proposals that factor in specific client needs and budget, and prepare the site for the actual landscaping. The median annual income for landscape architects is roughly $68,000.

Atmospheric Scientist

If you’re interested in observing weather patterns and climate conditions and how these variables affect people, a job as an atmospheric scientist can satisfy both your love for the outdoors and the study of atmospheric conditions. As an atmospheric scientist, your day-to-day tasks may include building weather or climate models, measuring and monitoring temperature changes and atmospheric readings, and helping develop new instruments that will be used to further their research. The median annual salary for atmospheric scientists is roughly $94,000.

ATV Dealer

The road on how to become an ATV dealer can be challenging and requires a ton of effort. You’ll have to make a number of leadership decisions on a daily basis, including who to hire, keeping track of inventory, managing upkeep or repair of your ATVs, etcetera. As an ATV dealer, however, you also get to be outside more, whether it’s when you’re talking to interested clients or test-driving a new vehicle in your fleet. Since it is a business with numerous variables to account for, it’s difficult to accurately measure the monthly or annual income of an ATV dealer.

Wildlife Biologist

For those who love working with animals, a wildlife biologist or zoologist career path can involve a lot of outdoor time. You’ll be learning how different species of animals interact with their natural habitats, how they behave with other animals within an ecosystem, and research about animal breeding programs to help regulate wildlife populations. You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree to secure an entry-level position in the field. However, if you wish to lead your own research, a doctorate degree is required. The median annual salary for wildlife biologists is $62,000.


A job in the agriculture industry will see you working outdoors for most part of the day. These professionals run the facilities that are responsible for developing and producing crops for the rest of the population. They may also supervise livestock living within the farm or ranch. Some of the duties you’ll perform as a farmer, rancher, or agricultural manager includes maintaining farm facilities, i.e. fences and water lines, and checking in on crops or livestock to ensure a healthy and bountiful harvest. The median annual income for farmers and ranchers is $69,000.

Conservation Scientist

Another career path for those who enjoy the outdoors and is especially passionate about the environment is a conservation scientist. As a conservation scientist, you are in charge of collecting data to assess the overall quality of different land spaces, including forests, parks, and rangelands. You’ll also be supervising different forestry and conservation projects to make sure that contractors strictly comply with government regulations established to protect natural habitats and wildlife species. The average annual income of a conservation scientist is $61,000.


Surveyors assess property boundaries with the use of special instruments. You must be able to gather precise data that will be used to determine the shape and contour of the landmass being surveyed. Surveyors often have to work with engineering and construction teams. The median annual income for surveyors is $62,000.

These are only a few of the many career paths that offer an alternative to seemingly restrictive office workspaces. Note that while many of these jobs offer outdoor experiences, you’ll also still have to work indoors, whether in a laboratory or studio, to perform some of the tasks that the job requires.

By Anurag Rathod

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