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In today’s times, mothers too need to step out of their home to keep up with the changing lifestyle and improved standard of living. In the absence of both the parents, there must be someone to supervise and care for the child. This is when the services of a child care professional become indispensable and children are sent to early childhood education institutes and childcare centres. As a result, there has been an increasing demand for child care workers in Australia creating increasing number of job opportunities. However, you need to pursue childcare courses in Perth and become a professionally qualified child care worker to be a part of this growing industry. There is great scope of employment in childcare app for workers at all levels. Following are some job openings that you will have when you undertake child care courses in Perth.

1. Teacher’s Aide

You can start an education career as a Teacher’s aide if you are looking for flexible employment options. As a teacher’s aide, you will be assisting educators and teachers while they impart lessons, engage with children and facilitate children’s learning. You will need to identify children who may require additional learning support. Their daily task includes setting up the classroom before the class starts, make sure everything is in place, deciding on the activities for the day, setting up the playground and arranging healthy snacks for the children.

2. Early childhood educator

As an early childhood educator, you need to support children aged between 3 to 5 years and create a healthy learning environment for the overall development of children. To be a successful early childhood educator, you need to have certain qualities like patience, creativity, organization and communication skills. You also need to be highly energetic and enthusiastic as you will need to encourage and motivate children. A Cert 3 childcare is a great way to start your career as an early childhood educator. Your daily responsibilities would involve preparing and executing lessons and various activities based on age, preparing schedules and routines in order to enforce discipline among children, observation and supervision and addressing special needs.

3. Play group supervisor

Being a play group supervisor, you will remain in charge of the entire operations of a playgroup. You will need to create a stimulating, happy and safe learning environment that is suitable for the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of a child and is in compliance with the procedures and policies of the playgroup. When you undergo child care course perth, you get to develop these skills further and enhance your career prospects. Apart from these, you will need to work with staff to prepare and implement the playgroup’s curriculum, monitor that all paperwork is completed and submitted on time and deadline is met. You will also need to make sure that parents get excellent customer service.

4. Childcare worker

As a childcare worker, you will need to care for those children who go to child care centres regularly. Your daily tasks would include feeding the children, planning their activities, developing cognitive skills and help them with reading and with their play equipments. You need to educate children about health and hygiene, teach them about toilet manners, manage and monitor their daily routine. You need to organize social activities so that children remain engaged, make proper utilization of time and learn how to communicate with others. Besides childcare centres, you may be absorbed in schools, hospitals, homes and outside school hour care. With a Diploma in childcare Perth, you can have your own day-care centre. However, you must bear in mind that you may have to work at odd hours and stay fit and healthy all the time.

5. Family day-care educators

Family day-care educators are hired for providing childcare services at home. Here you need to take care of children in small groups. Your day-to-day task would involve providing and maintaining a safe and healthy surrounding for the children, promote and monitor physical and intellectual growth of children. As a family day-care educator, you need to encourage children to think positive about themselves. You need to fulfil the requirements of quality childcare.

6. Nanny

A nanny is supposed to meet all kind of childcare requirements in a domestic setting for children up to the age of four. They need to feed children, make them fall asleep, bath and change diapers, dress them up, wash and iron their clothes and shop for them. Apart from these, they also need to drop and pick them up from school, support them during children’s activities, keep their room and play areas clean and do miscellaneous household work. They are also expected to train children to be disciplined.

Besides the ones mentioned above, you can get the job of a childcare centre manager or have your home day-care business.

To have a successful career in childcare, you must choose a reputed institute when it comes to taking up childcare courses.

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