people opt for CCTV Drain inspection

CCTV drain inspection is an amazing proof of technology advancement making our lives and work easier. This equipment has made drain cleaning easier for the plumbers. It’s not easy to see what’s happening inside the drain pipes and that where CCTV cameras come in to the picture.

A waterproof camera is attached to a long auger which is then left in the drain. The camera provides live feed on the monitor screen. It helps the plumber identify the cause of blockage and the exact place saving his time and yours. With high quality plumbing and commercial drainage projects that are coming up now, there is a higher requirement for cctv cameras that can monitor the working of the drain cleaning and inspection.

  1. Camera: these are water proof cameras and are available in different sizes to squeeze through pipes of different sizes. Checking the entire act of drain cleaning is only possible when there is a high-definition drain-inspection camera.
  1. Rods: the camera is attached on the rod. The rods are flexible rods to allow the camera to follow the pipes at every bends and curves. The rods can be made of steel or of wrought iron also.
  1. Sonar units: this is used in case the camera cannot be used for inspection. They are also important for data storing, sound and visual recordings.

When do you need CCTV Drain inspection?

  • Many people opt for CCTV Drain inspection when they are planning to buy a new house to determine the plumbing and draining pipes to avoid any mess later on. It also helps them understand how to plan their plumbing in the house and also, what the current position of the drainage and the sewer pipes is. In addition, if any new pipe installation is to be made, then to what depth there should be soil cutting, this can also be visible with the help of the camera.
  • To reach places where our eyes cannot reach to find the clogs in deep drainage system and finding the right pipe and this is a very huge advantage.
  • Once the drains are cleaned the CCTV Drain inspection is done again to be sure that there are no clogs in the pipes and the pipes are thoroughly cleaned.

Questions to ask before CCTV Drain Inspection

Do you provide free inspection?

They conduct a thorough inspection and write a report of their observation which is then consulted with you for further actions.

Any warranties on your work?

Many reputed plumbing companies provide warranty on the work done by them. this ensures that if there is any problem within the warranty period they will come back and do it for free unless the problem is absolutely new this time.

Do you have valid insurance?

This ensures that during the CCTV Drain inspection if there is any damage caused to the drain system or the pipe line or your property, the cost will be endured by the plumbing company. This also ensures the plumbers on site work efficiently to avoid any damages. If there is insurance, so during work if any of the plumbers suffers from any accident, you do not have to compensate.

Do you restore the pavements or driveways back to original?

Some plumbing have registered licenses only for services related to plumbing and cannot perform any other jobs on your property. Some plumbing companies have registered license for plumbing and engineering works too.

Conclusion You need to conduct your research based on references you get, read the reviews, check with the local authorities if the plumbing company is registered with them and has valid up to date licenses. You can ask reputed companies to check the quality and the brand of the camera

By Anurag Rathod

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