You may be somebody who can’t get enough of canines. Or on the other hand it may be that you love to associate with domesticated animals. Maybe you’re just happy to be close to any sort of animal. Anything your particular creature is related to, you can probably put it to use in the labor force.

As an animal lover, you may be wondering how you can turn your passion into a career. While there are many different ways to do this, working with animals can be incredibly rewarding. Here are 20 animal health care careers that you may want to consider:

1. Veterinary Technician: Veterinary technicians help veterinarians care for animals by performing tests, taking samples, and administering treatments.

2. Dog Trainer: Dog trainers teach dogs obedience commands and how to behave in social situations.

3. Animal Shelter Worker: Animal shelter workers take care of lost, abandoned, or surrendered animals until they can be adopted or reunited with their owners.

4. Wildlife Rehabilitator: Wildlife rehabilitators nurse injured or orphaned wild animals back to health before releasing them back into the wild.

5. Zookeeper: Zookeepers are responsible for the care and feeding of animals in zoos and aquariums.

6. Animal Scientist: Animal scientists conduct research on animal health, nutrition, and breeding.

7. Marine Biologist: Marine biologists study the ecology and behavior of marine life.

8. Wildlife Photographer: Wildlife photographers capture images of animals in their natural habitats.

9. Pet Groomer: Pet groomers bathe, brush, and trim the hair of dogs and cats.

10. Dog Walker: Dog walkers provide exercise and socialization for dogs while their owners are away.

11. Horse Trainer: Horse trainers teach horses tricks, manners, and how to respond to commands.

12. Veterinary Assistant: Veterinary assistants help veterinarians care for animals by cleaning cages, taking X-rays, and giving injections.

13. Pet Sitter: Pet sitters provide care for pets while their owners are away from home.

14. Animal Control Officer: Animal control officers enforce laws related to animal welfare and public safety.

15. Farrier: Farriers trim horses’ hooves and fit them with shoes.

16. equine recruitment agency: Equine recruitment agencies place qualified candidates with horse-related businesses around the world.

17. Rodeo Clown: Rodeo clowns entertain crowds and keep horses and riders safe during rodeo events.

18. Pet Food Tester: Pet food testers taste-test new pet food products to ensure that they are safe and palatable.

19. Animal Costume Designer: Animal costume designers create costumes for animals used in movies, TV shows, and commercials.

20. Doggie Daycare Provider: Doggie daycare providers provide a fun and stimulating environment for dogs while their owners are at work.

Qualification –  Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing or Bachelor of Veterinary Science

Job Description – A veterinary nurse is responsible for the care and treatment of sick and injured animals. They may also be involved in educational and research programs.

Skills Required – Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, patience, good manual dexterity, an interest in animal welfare.

Average Salary – $50,000 to $60,000 per year.

Job Prospects – Good prospects for those with the relevant qualifications and experience. There is expected to be strong competition for jobs in metropolitan areas.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career with animals, don’t hesitate to reach out to equine recruitment agencies for more information. An equine recruitment agency can help you find the perfect animal-related job!