careem review

The Careem app has been one of the most popular car-hailing or taxi booking applications in the UAE since its establishment in 2012. Although one can’t say that the taxi business has been predominant on a pretty large scale, the truth is with operations in over 35 cities in 14 countries, the Careem app is a pretty giant name in the cab-hailing business. Check careem review.

Careem Review

It is a known fact that Uber is the largest taxi-hailing service player. When Uber was conceptualized, no one knew that it could become such a large scale industry. But as it grew and took shape the true potential of taxi-hailing apps came to the fore.

This is probably why Careem was born in the first place. See, one has to understand that the early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. Because Uber entered the world first, it had to face its own trials and tribulations. It had to undertake many tests, resolve many bugs for a very long time after getting feedback from the customers after real-time on-road experiences.

This probably helped Careem in understanding what the app really was, what people were looking for when they used it and what were its pros and cons. Based on this analysis, the Careem app turned out to be very specific and customized for the people in the UAE.

Top favorite features:

  • Dependable,
  • invested in offering many car types,
  • various payment solutions,
  • great map integration,
  • several booking options
  • decent customer support system.

Cost Free Sign Up

All you need to start using a Careem App is a smartphone, a working phone number and internet connection (be is Wi-Fi or mobile data). The Careem app has a very simple download and login feature which allows more and more users to access and utilize the app quickly and easily. The app is definitely meant for mass usage and allows people to sign up in 3 easy steps. The app is intelligent too. It verifies the mobile number and email id that an interested user puts in the app within 24 hours and then your app is live for usage.

Introductory Promo code

As a welcome gesture, the app offers all its users a promo code providing a discount of 20%. Who doesn’t like discounts? When an app that is responsible for giving you rides and can offer you a discount for the same, what more could the users want? The app is available in both Android and iOS so no user feels left out.

Is it a safe service?

Safety is a very important issue. As the overall crime rate of the world rises, the need to be safe has increased. Careem drivers have been reported to be polite and respectful. The app has many built-in safety features.  Careem services stand out because of the fact that their drivers are well trained and offer a top-notch experience to their customers.

The big negative

Careem has only dominated its presence in the UAE region. The other countries of the world cannot enjoy the services of Careem because it has laid its entire focus right here. What’s more, the app doesn’t seem to have any plans of expansion in the other areas as well.

One man’s poison is the other man’s cure

By careem review, can realize that this app doesn’t have a presence in other places in the world, you too can launch your own app for taxi hailing services. Tap the potential of these places where taxi apps aren’t there. There are many companies that offer taxi apps like uber. You can launch them as your own and start earning good money. Do a little research to find out which is the best Uber clone app.

Ensure that you take a demo of the app that you plan to buy. Take a live working demo and understand how the app really works. If there are certain features in the application that you do not like get them customized to your liking. In closing, one has to admit that the Careem app is quite successful in the Middle East, but there is a world of opportunities and potentials that are remaining to be explored.

By Anurag Rathod

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