Honeywell carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas and sometimes the emissions from you vehicles can fill your garage with that poisonous gas even if the door is open. Many lives are lost due to carbon monoxide emissions every year because it is a toxic, colorless and odorless gas due to which it can sometimes go undetected. That is why it is important to use a carbon monoxide gas detector such as Honeywell carbon monoxide detector. Even very small amounts of carbon monoxide can cause serious damage or even death. It is produced due to the burning of carbon fuel like natural gas in the stove and gasoline in a car. 

Why is Carbon Monoxide Dangerous?

Carbon monoxide has been referred to as deadly so it obviously raises the question as to why it is so dangerous that it can lead to death. It is because carbon monoxide binds with the red blood cells of your body and deprives the human body of oxygen once it reaches the lungs.

Carbon monoxide is created when carbon fuel like wood, gasoline, natural gas, heating oil and propane does not burn completely. When these energy sources are provides with an open area with ventilation where they can burn properly it is not dangerous. Carbon monoxide being colorless and odorless is very hard to be detected without a sensor which is also what makes it very dangerous. Therefore to use Honeywell carbon monoxide detector is appropriate.

Detecting Carbon Monoxide

As carbon monoxide is very hard to detect, using a sensor can make it much easier. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be prevented by installing a detector where you suspect any danger of carbon monoxide emissions. You can install one or as many detectors you want in your home, garage etc any place you desire and require safety from such emissions. Just like the fire or smoke alarms they also work in a similar manner by the sound of an alarm or siren once it is triggered by the gas emissions. Honeywell carbon monoxide detector is the best choice as they are high in performance and affordable as well as durable.

You can find simple models like XC70-EN-C016-A in online stores or even physical stores whichever is easy for you to get.

How do the Detectors Work?

After installing them they can easily detect any carbon monoxide emissions. Once these detectors are triggered by a certain amount of gas an alarm will go off. The alarm or siren is set off in different ways for different sensors.

Biometric Detector

In this type of detector there is a certain type of gel installed within. When the sensors detect a certain gas emission it changes color. After the color change the alarm goes off.

Metal Oxide Semiconductor

In these type of detectors there is a certain silica chip. When the silica chip circuit senses a certain amount of carbon monoxide it lowers its current resistance and triggers the alarm to go off.

Electrochemical Sensor

In this sensor upon the detection of carbon monoxide, electrodes in the chemical solution within the detector detects some changes in the electric currents. Due to this the alarm or siren goes off.

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