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Many renowned people prefer handbags made of animal skin. Does fashion win over feeling for animals?

Maybe it does for some people and hence we see many such fashion statements by using tigers, cheetahs, buffaloes and even crocodiles’ skins in fashion.

Can we avoid animal skin in fashionable handbags?

The answer is YES. There are many examples in the past and in the present that handbags made of fabric are extremely popular, stylish and useful!

Why don’t we learn about those in more detail?

Back in history, handbags made of fabrics and clothes were also popular. In the early 20th century, carpet bags were popular. Even in the late 60s, we watched the movie Mary Poppins where these carpet bags were used.

Handbags made of papyrus and linen were found in ancient Egyptian kingdoms during 2000 B.C.E. This indicates the royals too loved them!

The ancient handbag was modernized in several ways. The modernization didn’t always need any animal skin but was done with the help of a variety of fabrics and their designs.

Fabric-made handbags are more fashionable!

The face of fashion has changed a lot in the recent couple of decades. In the past, glamourous celebrities were at the centre of it, but the fashion houses are now looking for icons in common people.

Leather handbags have a striking feature; they look egotistic, with the celebrity ego at the centre of it.

In contrast, when fashion is common people-centric, the vibe becomes humble, full of utility and sensitivity. Here, the fabric-made handbags stand out as they look humble and yet smart.

An instant example is Modern-day Tote bags are that are made of strong fabric and pieces of jute. These are equally good like their leather counterparts and very handy for daily use.

Tote bags weren’t typical “handbags”. The concept of handbag came when women started to keep their personal stuff close to them.

In modern days, a typical handbag can also be a handheld pouch or a crossbody Bag. A crossbody bag is also known as a sling bag and can be used as a side bag.

While the fabric-based handbag gained immense popularity, smart women also choose different types of fashionable bags to master their style.

If the fabric is better, are there many fabric choices for handbags?

Of course, a big yes! In fact, the choices are wider than leather and pure nature friendly. Let us briefly see those.

Pure cotton fabric crafted handbags

Pure cotton fabrics are a great ingredient for fashionable bags. Pure cotton fabrics come in different colour choices and designs.

Moreover, one can easily paint and draw on cotton fabrics to create an artwork. Check out some fabric-made handbags for women.

Linen handbags

Linen is a very strong textile made from flax plant fibers. Linen is generally very soft and comfortable when it touches our skin.

Being so strong and comfortable, linen handbags and crossbody bags are very popular among people.

Organic fabric made handbags

Organic fabrics aren’t any new type of fabric. It is actually a natural fabric like cotton fabric but grown without any pesticides or chemicals. In other words, organic fabrics are pure natural fabrics in all sense.

Can organic fabric be used for handbags or clutch purses? Absolutely! However, this option is very expensive as these kinds of fabrics are very rare and costly.

Did you ever notice Emma Watson’s bag?

Denim made handbags

Denim was used as a symbol of revolution. Technically, denim is another variety of pure cotton fabric as these are weaved in a special way.

While denim is a very popular choice for people of all ages and all countries, fashionable bags aren’t behind to use them.

The beauty of ruggedness and its eternal youthful appeal has made denim bags a great choice for all

Canvas fabric made handbags

Canvas has a romantic appeal because of its use by painters. Canvas is a durable and sturdy version of cotton fabric.

It is available in brilliant pastel colours that entices a romantic mood. A crossbody bag or a handbag made of canvas can be very expensive but it is worth a collection!

Jute handbags

Jute draws its fame for industrial use. However, the artists make fabulous bags, tote, and handbags by using jute.

Jute is now available in different colours that not only make great handbags or crossbody bags but also make accessories to match.

It is a cult in the fashion world and whosoever has used a jute handbag has fallen for it.

Khadi fabric made handbags

Khadi fabric is a hand-woven natural pure cotton fibre. However, it can be woven with a mix of silk or wool.

Khadi fabric has a beautiful texture which makes it stand out. This texture is more prominent than that of linen.

A handbag or purse made with khadi fabric looks very sophisticated and ethnic.

While you have plenty of choices in fabric handbags, there are plenty of choices to buy them in different stores. A quick way is to buy handbags for women online where artisans make fabric handbags with their hands.


There is wide use of animal skin in making handbags. However, instead of sacrificing animals for fashion, there is a much greater appeal in the fabric-based handbags. The fabric has been used in fashion for centuries and handbags aren’t any exception. From eminent people to commoners, fabric has been a choice for dresses and dress accessories like handbags and pouches.

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