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Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford is a Woody Hot scent for men. Grey Vetiver was sent off in 2009. The nose behind this scent is Harry Fremont. The top notes are Grapefruit, Orange Bloom, and Sage; the center notes are Nutmeg, Orris Root, and Pimento; the base notes are Vetiver, Woodsy Notes, Oakmoss, and Golden. Tom ford Grey Vetiver for men, the impeccably non-water-themed spring aroma that doesn’t include promotions of models leaping off precipices in Positano is warm and liberal where numerous different scents disappear. Top notes of savvy, orange bloom and warm woodwork stimulate, while a rich mix of golden wood, greenery, and nutmeg act as warm base notes, making a genuinely exquisite encounter.

Grey Vetiver Scents Fragrance Like

Rich, new and appealing, Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver is – you got it – about vetiver. Yet, before you arrive at that dry, smoky grass, you’re welcomed by a dash of orange bloom, however, it’s the grapefruit note that truly leaps out, adding its interestingly sharp, herbaceous citrus fragrance. The fun reality about grapefruit: it’s frequently contrasted with vetiver, so it works splendidly here to prepare you for the core of vetiver. At the point when you arrive at the heart, you get the smoky greenness of vetiver grass, which is heated up and invigorated by a hot mix of nutmeg and pimento. The fragrance settles soon enough, cozying into a mix of oakmoss and golden woods.

What’s The Story Behind This Fragrance?

Know a carefree gent? Grey Vetiver Fragrance by TomFord for men is his character package. It catches the pith of a fresh Tom ford suit, worn by the sort of fellow who’s easily cool and consistently in excellent condition, who never wants to flaunt. You know straight away that he’s cool.

You Will Adore This If:

For Grey Vetiver, it very well may be better assuming I let you know that you’ll adore this scent if you can’t stand weighty, serious aromas. This isn’t to imply that it’s short-lived, yet it never feels like it’s burdening you. It’s cool; it’s stylish; it’s a work of art.

These Scents Like:

As far as I might be concerned, the nearest Tom Ford aroma in the Mark Assortment must be Lover de Jour. The two of them have a comparable clean-cut, cologne-like energy.

Not acquainted with that? It gives me and a couple of other Group Escentual individuals colossal G and T flows. That is the reason it helps me a little to remember Atkinson Mint and Tonic.

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Is Grey Vetiver Gender neutral?

Grey Vetiver is introduced as a men’s scent, and I can see the reason why; it most certainly has a hairstyling parlor, cologne-like quality.

How’s The Life span?

As a general aide, Tom ford’s Eau de Parfum manifestations last a normal of six hours, which I certainly concur with the wake of testing it out on my skin.

Why is The Jug Exceptional?

Like many scents in the Tom ford Mark Assortment, the Grey Vetiver aroma is held in ribbed glass to pay tribute to the craftsmanship deco development – Tom Ford loves to draw motivation from an earlier time.

Accessible Grey Vetiver As per Circumstance

Grey Vetiver opens with grapefruit, orange, and neroli as the citrus notes. The citrus notes back and prop up sweet-smelling sage for an initiative that is new, natural, and green. As the scent changes to the heart, the vetiver starts to truly radiate through, as does some zest given by orris, nutmeg, and pimento. The vetiver stays present for the whole time, however, the woodsy base goes along with it for the last venture with notes of oakmoss and golden. God this is exquisite stuff.

The sillage on Grey Vetiver is awesome. It’s anything but a projection beast, however, it projects well. Since it is an Eau de Parfum, life span is superb and I get an entire 8 hours out of an application.

Age: I would agree that this fragrance is great for the mid-20s and up. Vetiver is as yet a full-grown smell even with the treatment it has gotten in this scent, so any more youthful may be pushing it. For more seasoned refined men who as of now appreciate vetiver scents, this one is an extraordinary way for a new and young interpretation of the exemplary fragrance. At my age (25) I think this is the best-progress fragrance I need to overcome any barrier between kids and men.

Event: Ideal for daytime and this stuff was made for office wear. At the point when I wear a suit this is my juice. It addresses a refined style that declares your presence but doesn’t yell it.

Season: The green vegetal person, the grittiness of the vetiver, a touch of flavor with a citrus top. Spring! This ought to be the authority aroma of spring, even though I think working in pretty much every season is sufficiently discrete. Vetiver aromas likewise function admirably in the mid-year. It is flexible enough for winter, however, may be on the lighter side. In any case, contingent upon your body science and where you reside it very well may be a year-rounder.


Indian vetiver, around which the scent is focused, guarantees a naturally manly energy that remains stimulated (interpretation: this thing will smell lovely for some time). While Grey Vetiver isn’t new (truth be told, it’s very nearly four), what difference does it make? When something is great, it remains great forever. Portrayed as the ‘smooth man’s aroma’, I’d coordinate Grey Vetiver perfume with J.Crew’s charmingly unbiased cashmere link weave sweater and Slowear’s thin fit herringbone pants.

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