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Since the last 7 and a half years, Gojek has thronged the market. It thrived because it was unique and was catering to a service that was much needed in Indonesia. People today have the money to spend on convenience. But not everyone has been the brightest kid in the classroom to start their own unique venture. This is why; Gojek could become a quick hit. Everyone loved how unique and creative it was.

So, instead of your conventional taxis, Gojek introduced two-wheelers. As there were more bikes in Indonesia as compared to cars, it was always a better option to go for scooters and bikes as taxis as opposed to conventional cars.

It did start slowly but grew into a much larger business with multiple wings that entered realms of delivery, service providers and so on and so forth. Now, you can use Gojek to even recharge your cell phone!

Is there another App like Gojek?

Well, there could be! The Gojek mobile application has enjoyed its monopoly in the market for a very long time. Since there have been no other players, people often find it hard to believe that there could actually be another app like Gojek.

In all probabilities, when Uber started with its taxi app, no one thought anyone else could do such a thing. But, it was eventually followed by other apps like Grab, Ola, Careem and so on and so forth. The situation is pretty similar to Gojek.

It’s relatively new and people don’t really know how it earns money or how they can earn money from an app like that. Let us try to understand how the Gojek app works and how one can establish that into a successful business venture for oneself.

How does Gojek Work?

Gojek is an app that gives you three basic options:

  1. Ride: wherein the Rider can book an Ojek to get from one place to another. It can be a taxi driver, it can be a motor driver or any vehicle driver from the service a user will choose.
  2. Delivery: From this option one can send items, packages and parcels from one point to another. Here also, the working process will be the same. The request will be placed by the customer and the deliverer will accept or decline the request of delivering the product. Depending on the location and availability, deliverer can accept or deny the request.
  3. Service Provider: Here one can hire any of the different kinds of services from one place to another. Service can be of dog care, healthcare, babysitting, beauty service and much more. A customer can select any service from here.

Now, when a user needs to book a ride they click on the ride button and send a ride request. If they need to get something delivered, they will have to click on the delivery button. Then they can mention the dimensions of their package and the selected vehicles for said delivery.

To book service providers on will have to click on the pertaining icon. The app earns every time it is used to make a booking for any service be it ride, delivery or anything else. This means that when someone uses the app to do anything at all, they get a commission.

How can you earn from a Gojek Clone?

So, it wasn’t probably conceivable earlier, but today it is. There is a Gojek clone available in the market that you can buy and launch as your own business. Basically, you need to have this application to kick start your business. There are two simple ways to get your app:

  1. Create your own app

Every business has its own unique requirements. So, you can build your app from scratch. When you do this you will basically own a very niche and customized application that is specifically tailor-made to fit your own requirements.

  1. Buy the Gojek Clone

The Gojek clone is basically an app that has been modeled after the main Gojek app. So, a company would research what the app is really like and then entirely rebuild the whole app by cloning its script. When you buy a Gojek clone you actually purchase an app that has already been created, so you don’t need to do anything.

Why would you Buy the Clone for Business like Gojek?

Buying a Gojek clone make you earn very easily. When you plan for developing an app from scratch, you basically have to spend a little fortune in getting it done. It takes years of research and development with a well-read pool of talent to create an app.

When you choose to purchase a clone, you essentially eliminate the need to spend millions of dollars and wait for a couple of years to launch your own business. The application would ensure that you can launch your own business like Gojek just within 3 to 4 days.

However, Gojek clone is similar to Gojek and has a bunch of services. Gojek clone is a combination of multiple on demand service app that includes taxi service, courier delivery, massage service, dog care and many more. It can be quite difficult for you to provide so many services from one application.

But, if you are capable enough to offer multiple services under one roof, without any doubt your business can jump on the top easily. Still, the original Gojek app is not been launched in many countries. This can become your advantage, as users will love to have one application in their Smartphone rather than downloading multiple apps. Same services but the platform will be one. It will be more convenient for today’s modern users. The output in terms of revenue will be crossing the bars of your thinking.

If you want to do a little research regarding the same, spend a little while reading more about the commercial viability of the application and how you can actually make it into a practical business solution.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.