How To Build A Successful Advertising Campaign On Instagram

Every social media platform is unique, and Instagram is no exception, and it is one of the fastest-growing social networks in the digital marketing world. Instagram offers various features and functions for creators, marketers, and influencers to promote their brand message, build brand loyalty, and increase conversion rate. 

Instagram advertising is an amazing strategy that presents different goals and approaches compared to other marketing methods. In fact, 60 percent of Instagram users say they discovered products through advertising. However, to create an advertising campaign successfully, you have to understand what is the best factor most Instagram users are looking for. 

In this article, here are some of the valuable tips for running successful Instagram ads that enhance your marketing revenue

Creating Instagram ads is usually easy, and you can create them via a power editor, ads manager, and external tool like AdEspresso. Here are the steps to create your Instagram ads: 

  • Campaign level – You will choose an objective. 
  • Set level – You will choose your target, set budget, schedule placement, and bidding. 
  • Ad level – You will decide on the creative.

#1. Campaign Level:  Choose Your Objective

When you create your advertising campaign, the first thing is to choose your objective. It includes, 

  • Brand awareness – promote your ads to the users who are interested in your brand.  
  • Reach – show your brand to as many people as possible. 
  • Traffic – driving traffic to your website. 
  • Engagement – increase engagement levels such as likes, comments, shares, and views. 
  • Video views – boost more views for your videos.
  • App Installs – encourage your customers to download your app. 
  • Message – engage users to directly message you and increase conversation. 
  • Conversations – increase conversations such as purchases, registrations, and sign-ups. 
  • Store visits – It is only available to businesses with multiple locations. 

#2. Ad set Level: 

  1. Decision Making: 

At the ad set level, you can start making decisions. If you want to send traffic to a secondary location with your ad, first, you have to choose the place where to send them. After that, you have the option to send ads to your website, app, or messenger. 

  1. Targeting: 

You can also have the targeting option to show your brand to the exact customers. Instagram ads provide you the complete access to target your Facebook audiences as well. You can target your customers based on the following strategies, it includes, 

  • Location
  • Gender 
  • Age
  • Education
  • Relationship status
  • Languages 
  • Job title
  • Certain demographic 

You can also target users based on their behavior and interests, such as online shoppers, people who purchase at high and low-end retail stores. 

  1. Instagram Ads Placements:

Instagram ad placement allows you to choose your ads to appear on audiences’ Instagram feed, stories, IGTV, and explore pages. Facebook will automatically show your ads to the most placements. In the ads placement, you can see two different options they are, 

  • Automatic placements – it helps to show you ads to more people with multiple placements based on whether they’re likely to perform best. 
  • Edit placements – here, you can choose the place where your ad is displayed. 
  1. Define Your Budget & Schedule: 

When it comes to setting your ads budget and schedule, you can set when your ads run and how much you spent on them. You can even choose a daily budget or lifetime budget to run your ad. When you choose a daily budget option, you have to spend a certain amount each day and set a start and end date to show your ad. However, if you choose a lifetime budget, you can choose a specific schedule to run your ad. 

  1. Choose Your Ad Format: 

Instagram offers different types of advertising options for users to establish their brand in the most effective ways and reach loyal followers. Here are the types of Instagram ads: 

  • Photo Ads: It is a simple newsfeed ad that contains a single image, captions, and call-to-action buttons. Compared to other Instagram ads, photo ads do not drive huge engagement. But, it is incredibly useful for A/B testing, and it allows you to create up to 6 different types of ads with a single image. 
  • Video Ads: Video ads are one of the most effective ad types on Instagram. Because videos give thousands of words more than images, you can create up to 3 to 60 second long videos. But you only have a fraction of seconds to attract your audience’s eyesight. 
  • Therefore, make sure your ad is attractive, eye-catchy, and an engaging call to action to receive more engagement!
  • Carousel ads: It is a great introduction to your brand or product! Instagram carousel ads are a great way to tell a brief story about your brand and show the best images of your marketing campaign. These ads allow users to horizontally scroll multiple images or videos on their mobile device.
  • Story Ads: There are 500 million viewers who watch Instagram stories each day, which helps users get a lot of exposure, grow Instagram views for your great stories and drive more online sales. The benefit of an Instagram stories ad campaign is that now you can create Instagram stories carousel ads too. It allows you to post 3 consecutive images or videos that look like a real Instagram story.  
  • Collection Ads: Instagram collection ads allow users to purchase your products and services directly from the ad. 
  1. Design Your Instagram Ad: 

Once you set the Instagram ad campaign goal, your target customers, ad placements budget, and your advertising format, it is time to make your Instagram ad creative and engaging!

Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind while creating an Instagram ad campaign: 

  • If you start to design your Instagram ad, make sure they are unique, attractive, and relevant to your target audience. Because you only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention and turn your viewers into customers. 
  • To increase brand awareness and reach new audiences, you have to include your brand logo as a part of your ad. It is more important for boosting brand recognition and lead generation. 
  • Many businesses run contests and giveaways to enhance brand awareness and get higher engagement. 
  • No matter whether you promote Instagram stories ads or traditional feed posts, adding your website link or online store to directly interact with your audience. 
  1. Testing Your Ad Campaign:

Once you complete all the above processes, setting up split testing with the Facebook manager is one of the best ways to improve your future campaign. It will help you understand the different aspects of your ad campaign such as, your content, images, and call to action that affect your campaign’s overall performance. 

Testing your campaign’s performance is also a super effective method to make A/B tests that help to run different versions of your ad. 

  1. Measure Your Campaigns Success:

A successful Instagram advertising campaign is fulfilled when you track your ads performance and verify that you achieve the campaign’s goal you set while launching the campaign. 

Instagram provides lots of ways to review your ad campaign’s success, that includes,

  1. Instagram Insights – You can use Instagram insights to track your ad’s overall engagement and reach and how well it helps to improve your marketing growth. 
  2. Facebook Ad Manager – Here, you can track the final results of your campaign, such as your ads reach, impressions, and link clicks. 
  3. Website Analytics – You can also use website/google analytics to track how many visitors visit your website and make purchases. If you see high referral traffic from Instagram, it’s the key to your campaign working!

Wrapping Up: 

Are you ready to create an Instagram ads campaign on your own? Then, it is the right time and right place to improve your entire Instagram strategy through Instagram ads. Recently, Instagram partnered with Shopify, which helps businesses tag products in their posts and allows users to purchase their products and services. 

You can use all these amazing features while creating advertising on Instagram to increase engagement on your product page and create a successful campaign through engaging posts. 

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