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Everything in this universe is either good or bad or maybe both! Something that is not good is often termed bad and something that is not bad is termed good.

So imagine there is a certain practice which is considered to be bad. People don’t use it anymore but some people, obviously, they do.

What if you could turn something that is a malpractice into something that could be quite beneficial for you?

That’s the thing about black hat SEOs. They are still used by people to rank their website by wrong means. But there are quite some things to learn from the black hat SEO techniques and here is how you can optimize your website by turning some bad practices into good ones!

There is also this Grey Hat SEO technique that is used by people. This is basically a mixture of both the white and the black hat SEO techniques. This, however, is not acceptable by Google. 

A Brief History

So, the concept of black hat SEO arose from the time when people started using the techniques of white hat SEO (that is the good means), in a wrong way.

The concept of keyword stuffing and comment spamming is a wrong way to get a good rank on the search engines. White hat SEO on the other hand took a much less aggressive approach to the ranking. Extensive keyword research, quality content, and good writing means are something that is appreciated throughout the world of Search Engine Optimization.

So about a few years ago, Google started pointing these techniques out and asked the website owners to clean these up. They launched various algorithms and the black hat SEO means started to reduce in number.

You get to learn quite a deal about white hat SEO means from the black hat SEO. But we understand that you must be pretty busy with all that work. Consulting wordpress website design company is a good idea. Where you can hire wordpress developer and your job would easily be done!

It is all about how nice you would want to play so that Google gives you the ranking that you deserve.

So, let’s get started with the techniques and what you can learn from them.

Spend Some Money When You Need To

So, what the black hat SEO team does is, they spend money where it is needed. They spend money to make some money. They often purchase links and sites for automated brand networks and buy tools that get them a good ranking on Google or get them some purchased links that bring some exposure. These ways might have them penalized by Google.

But here is the takeaway.

What you can do is, to pay the micro-influencers to promote your brand by means of organic links. You can pay for tools that actually make it easier for you to track campaigns. These tools would include KISSmetrics and AdvancedWebRanking. Pay for advertisements that can get you the required exposure by some organic and natural links that are generated.

The Backlinks

The black hat SEO technique includes purchasing of the backlinks in a much less reputable way or by unfair means. As you must already know as a website designer or a social media marketer, that building backlinks is very important for any website to rank higher.

Focus on building backlinks through the means that lies in the white hat field. Rely on your PR, partnerships, guest blogging and testimonials for generation of your backlinks. You should also not never hesitate to ask for backlinks from others. Use other publication platforms and write testimonials, newsletters and other newsworthy content and list your third party directories.

These things can get you one thing. You can have their sites link back to yours.

Keyword Stuffing

This is something that you should avoid.

Pages like that of wikipedia often consist of keywords or links on every sentence of their content. This is a black hat SEO means which can harm your ranking. It also looks very congested and crowded on an internet platform.

You definitely want to avoid this. Make your keyword research and make it thorough. Use tools if needed. In a blog of about 700 words, your keyword should at least be at a minimum of 4% of the length of the entire blog that you are writing. Your content should be readable and nice to look at. Don’t stuff in your keywords and your ranking will automatically increase.

Internal Linking

While you can see that the black Hat SEO techniques use what is called internal linking stuffing. Like that of the page of wikipedia, where you see internal links on almost every line. This is very bad for your ranking. You should be using your previous pages as links to your present one, and that is okay. But you should do it properly.

Use not more than 2-4 links for every content of yours. Internal linking is a very good thing to do if you want Google to identify your website easily. Google is a robot so you might as well make its job easier by linking your previous and already established pages to the one that you would be creating at present. The better you do this thing, the better it is for your ranking.

Testing Of Your Methods

Some people in the world of SEO argue that black hat SEO practices are more likely to test their techniques than White Hat SEO people. But then, that is nothing but a generalization, and it is true that black hats have the ability to test some of their theories much faster than those of white hats’.

This is because they have the ability to run automated software for controlled experiments, but the white hat SEO practitioners do not invest in the same software and find the process of testing to be more manual plus time-consuming.

Additionally, many white hat practitioners are often transformed black hat practitioners who take Google’s word to be the ultimate law. They fail to see the requirement to do much testing of their methods because they are following the guidelines that they are supposed to.

You should anyway always test your strategies. In this way you also get to see your brand’s performance in the market by seeing your ranking. You can run two contents at the same time and find out which one ranks higher and gets the most engagement.

So, those were about the 5 things that you can learn from the black hat SEO strategies.

Tell us how you would be transforming your SEO means by learning from the black hat means?

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