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Big data spending by the telecom and banking sector will increase the most in the region, while spending by government and healthcare sectors will record the uppermostdevelopment rate. Big data analytics have been working with businesses and governments all over the Asia-Pacific and is set to grow once more. Major agreements between banks and telecommunications companies will be happening soon. The increasing involvement of telecommunications companies in banking activities, commitment to joint-ventures instead of single ideas, and the emergence of a thorough product portfolio rather than concentrating on payouts only can all be seen as a pattern of convergence. As per research firm IDC, China will represent 60% of the estimation of huge information and examination market in Asia Pacific area in 2020. In Southeast Asia, nations like Vietnam and Malaysia are as yet arising, yet their projected spending will ascend by more than 15 percent because of expanded ventures by numerous new companies and organizations in their regions.

Digital transformation has become critical because of the cut-throat competition. There are a number of organizations that have used their creative abilities to transform their business and business models. Others have already been riding the wave of digital transformation. CIO are the most important good strategist as they help to steer businesses toward new directions.

Using big data analysis to drive successful digital transformations.

Huge quantity of data gets generated every day for creativities to handle. CIOs have to focus on integrating information to generate business value. Better decision-making can be achieved with the use of Big Data Analytics. Getting the proper data can provide the right insights for the businesses, which will improve their operation.In the process of effective data utilization, this utilization could be facilitated. Industriesrequire insights for real-time decision creating and quick answer. Analytic models can be built with available data to manage strategic business goals. Implementing a Big Data Analytics explanation can create the potential to produce tangible results that can truly empower an organization for enterprise-wide business transformation. A survey conducted by the Gartner Group indicates that 25% of large organizations will be a buyer or seller of data by 2021. It is reasonable to assume that CIOs now use big data analytics when formulating their business strategy. Let’s take a look at how advanced algorithms have made a difference in our lives.

Predictive analysis, and company’s optimization

Using big data, business can get raw data from different sources. With the implementation of big data and machine learning, real-time prediction is possible of customer behavior and machine failures and this will influence decisions. Offering a discount, distributing free products or any other marketing offer is a smart way to boost sales and profits. They can use techniques to predict failures for equipment before they occur.

Currently, stateside utility companies are using data analytics services tools in an attempt to reduce the amount of waste. Utilities can use this data for business intelligence from the large amount of data collected from remote smart meters. This system will monitor the health of assets and automatically maintain infrastructure.

Further understanding of the consumers

Businesses can utilize big data for accurate information to be acquired. The companies will align their efforts in accordance with the changes. Also businesses minimize customer complaints and address the disputes before the customers turn unhappy. There are several tools used in big data analysis that forecasts depressive emotions and helps businesses in real-time.

Better strategy makes better improvement

There are many new tools that promise to change the future of online marketing. These data can reveal various behaviors, attitudes, and potential outcomes. Besides, many government sectors store such kind of data but individual departments have no access to that data. New insights can be drawn from different data sources by the big data analysis as a whole.


CIOS should utilize data of their organization’s performance in every manner to predict the growth of their business. With the use of Big Data Analytics the organization can achieve their goals.

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