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With all those layers, perfume can often go unnoticed in the winter season. And by wearing summer perfume, you can be sure about it going unnoticed. Let your fragrance shine and grab everyone’s attention. Switch to winter perfumes this season and see what it does for your personality. A winter perfume is made specifically for the colder weather. Fragrance notes are denser and aromatic. If you are still not sure what to get for the winter months, these will help you.

How To Choose A Winter Perfume Online?

Choosing a winter perfume is quite easy. It is the same as buying a sweater. You need to see the fabric composition. Does it have fleece inside? Will it flatter my body? Is it in my budget? While buying a winter perfume, you must also keep such questions in mind. Ask yourself, which fragrance notes suit your senses best? Which perfume aroma is suitable to your lifestyle? And which perfume is in your budget? 

Instead of picking any random strong perfume, look for notes. Soothing aromatic woody notes are better than a blend of everything. Go with sandalwood, Oudwood, cedarwood and patchouli. If you need warm and spicy, notes of cinnamon, bay leaf, pepper and clove are good. Resins like frankincense, myrrh, benzoin and styrax are good for winter. They have a faint warm, Ambery aroma. 

Make sure the perfume is EDP or EDT at least. These have perfume essence concentration of more than 12%. With such high essence, the perfume will smell vivid and have great sillage. Moreover, you can also try perfumes with an oil base. These stick to your skin better and last longer. 

Can I Ask For Testers While Buying Perfumes Online?

Buying perfume online lacks the testing and trying of scent. But with testers available online, you can also enjoy it. Ask the online perfume store for testers of every perfume you wish to try. Some may send out 1ml vials charging shipping only. And you can also get a few samples along with perfume purchases. But this includes a limited number of testers. However, the best way to try perfume is by buying testers. 

In this way, you can get as many perfumes tester as you want. Brands like Scent Shot offer boxes of 7 international perfumes for their customers. Each vial has 5ml of perfume. And they have a spray nozzle on them. You can use them every day to see whether the perfume works for you or not. 

How To Make Perfume Last All Day In The Winter Months?

Purchasing a good quality perfume is not enough for the winter season. If you want to make the scent last longer, proper application is necessary. Take a bath every day during the winter months. Since your pores are not sweating, they can be filled with gunk. And this prevents perfume from being absorbed into the pores. Clean your skin properly and apply ample moisturiser before spraying perfume. 

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Dry skin is not able to hold the perfume for a longer period. Moisturising the skin can add hours to your perfume. And it is another way to enjoy soft supple skin in harsh winters. Make sure to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. Spray perfume on pulse points. And a few on your clothes as well. All these things may seem simple but go a long way in making your perfume smell nice.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Perfumes Online?

Buying perfume online comes with many benefits. You have a huge range of perfumes to explore. From lighter scents to stronger ones, they are available for men and women. If you want to try something different, unisex perfumes are there. All perfumes are available online first with most brands. Hence, you have the opportunity to buy them before others. 

The cost is also quite affordable as compared to local perfume shops. Online fragrance stores do not levy extra taxes and costs like local stores. And they do not have a broker to supply perfumes. All the perfumes are sourced directly from the brand. This helps in keeping the cost at least 20-25% lower as compared to local stores. 

Moreover, stores like Perfume Booth have perfumes in every size. If you are not able to buy the full size due to the high price, go with a smaller bottle. The smallest quantity available for purchase has 5ml of perfume. You can buy them in small gift packs also. 

When you are looking for gift ideas for a perfume lover, this is perfect. The ease of buying perfumes from anywhere anytime makes it better. With so many benefits and flash sales make online perfume shopping is better than the rest. Utilise these benefits while smelling amazing in the winter season. There are so many amazing winter perfumes available this year. Try them all now!

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