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The blazing heat, sweltering sun, and nonstop sweating—welcome to summer! The sizzling temperatures can zap your energy and raise your home energy bill in no time flat. If you want to save your sanity—and some money—you need to look into ways to beat the heat and cut costs! Read on for the best ways to save on your electric bill this summer.

Apply Your Appliances Appropriately

Lengthen the lifespan of your appliances and devices while maximizing their performance during the hottest time of the year. Save money on your energy bills and keep appliances and machines running smoothly by doing things like only running your dishwasher and clothes dryers when you have full loads to wash. Running these machines with smaller amounts means you’ll be using them twice as much. Be sure not to overload washing machines, either—making the machine work twice as hard also means using twice as much energy,risking damage tothe unit. Try not to use your stove and/or oven at peak heat times during the day—midday and afternoon hours. Use smaller cooking appliances, like microwaves, toasters, and/or toaster ovens or outdoor grills while the sun is in full-on mode. Heating up your house with hot appliances during the hottest parts of the day makes your air conditioner work harder, which, of course, increases your energy costs.

Cut the Cord

well, not literally cutting them, but do be sure to unplug appliances and devices when they are not being used. This will also boost their lifespan while protecting them from potentially dangerous power surges, in addition to curbing monthly energy costs. Try to get in the habit of switching off lights and lamps when you leave the room. This is a quick trick that will help you reap the financial rewards.

Keep Cool with Fans, Blinds, and Curtains

Whenever you can, use ceiling or fans to stay extra cool during the hot summer season. This will lessen your AC unit’s job.Keep blinds or shutters closed. Windows and doors should also be kept closed and secured during peak sun hours. If you have curtains or drapes covering your windows, keep them drawn or closed during the sunniest hours as well. Blackout curtains are extra effective at keeping your room darker and cooler.

Tame the Thermostat

Turn your thermostat up in the summer. The U. S. Department of energy recommends keeping your thermostat set on 78 in the summer (and 68 in the winter months) to conserve electricity usage and costs. Utilizing those fans and closed windows and blinds will also keep you on the cooler side of things.

Let LED Bulbs Lead the Way

As often as possible, use LED bulbs for your indoor and outdoor needs. These energy efficient bulbs will help you cut costs and also last longer, saving you money on purchasing replacements.

Shop Smarter with Prepaid Electricity Options

Saving on electricity in summer months is crucial to avoid charges that can quickly skyrocket. Why not have a prepaid service to help you set a limit on your costs? Now Power has tons of options to provide you discounted rates on electricity in Texas. Now Power offers competitive rates and flexible payment options for Texans in deregulated areas, meaning that depending on the zip code, residents can choose their own electricity provider based on their financial and service needs. Of course, as an electricity provider, Now Power is up-to-speed on the latest in power-providing technology.

Cleanliness is Key

Save more when you ensure that all of your air filters and vents are clean and functioning properly. They need to be replaced regularly to prevent dirt and debris from clogging them up. Maximize airflow by also making sure vents and air ducts aren’t unnecessarily blocked by furniture or other appliances. Make sure your home has enough insulation, too. A professional technician can check things out for you and put you at ease if you’re feeling a bit unsure of your abilities.

Give Solar Power a Spin

If possible, use solar energy (like environmentally-friendly solar panels) and choose EnergyStar certified appliances. These smart steps and effective energy-savers will keep your consumption down and lower your electric bill on a consistent basis—by a potentially huge amount. Of course, solar energy installation in your home can be very costly initially, but the outcome most definitely puts you on the fast track to major savings in the future.

Learn Landscaping Smarts

Go green in more ways than one by planting trees and lots of greenery around your home (especially windows), allowing for more shade and, thus, cooler temps all around you. Not to mention the added aesthetically-pleasing vibe you’ll achieve when sprucing up your space. What are you waiting for? Go green and liven up your landscaping.

Monitor Your Habits

In any area of your life that you’re trying to get under control, monitoring and tracking your habits lets you analyze where you can make changes in order to achieve your desired results. When you use a company like Now Power, the control is in yourhands. Their Smart Balance plancan save you 3¢ per kWh by simply maintaining a $30 balance in your account, potentially saving you $360 annually! NowPower’s Smart Balance 30 is a variable rate, prepaid electricity solution for responsible customers looking to cut costs on their electric bills.

By Anurag Rathod

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