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You certainly already know that using websites to advertise property is, nowadays, the most efficient option to be seen on the internet, right?

Although many people still prefer the traditional newspaper, the properties displayed on online channels have much more visibility and potential for sale. The photo and description are already links to contact the broker and finalize the sale.

Therefore, in this article, we present some advantages of using these classified methods and present some options to start advertising.

Also, you know some ways to increase your ads’ reach, using SEO strategies and Google Ads tools, all so that your sales can grow even more.

Advantages of using websites to advertise property

Why advertise on online sites? The answer is simple: because today, everyone is connected.

Especially with the emergence of smartphones, everyone has information at their fingertips and can find everything they need on websites, blogs, and applications. Therefore, advertising on the internet is more convenient every day.

The online classified sites, which are generally also present in smartphone applications, are organized to simplify the user’s experience when buying or renting a property. All the most critical information is displayed with images that allow seeing all that the property can offer.

  • Low initial cost
  • Free options
  • More efficient than newspapers and pamphlets
  • A good description of the properties
  • Option to add images

Advertising on classifieds portals is impressive even for those starting, as the ads’ cost is low. So, to leverage sales, you don’t need much investment.

Although there is an option to advertise for free, it is not very suitable, limiting ads. With the free option, you are less likely to be seen even within the portal. Thus, it is worth investing in some paid form of advertising to have greater visibility, even in the beginning, for example, google ads.

Portals to start advertising

As we said before, there are several advantages to advertising properties through online classifieds, and there are also many options for that. However, before announcing, it is necessary to research the portal to know if it has credibility and reliability. Besides, it is necessary to understand how ads appear on Google since some have greater reach than others.

So, it is not enough to choose anyone. It is necessary to know all the features before investing, even if it is low. Here are the best portals to advertise properties:

  5. Estate92.

How to boost your ads for free

You have seen several options for sites to advertise a property, but how to maximize the chance of being seen on the internet? Through some SEO strategies, you can achieve this.

The real estate SEO comes to search engine optimization strategies, which means it increases your visibility on Google. Therefore, using these techniques in your ads ensures that they are more easily found even on classified sites.

The main channels for using SEO are blog posts and targeted websites and ads

In blog posts, using these techniques is essential for your content to be easily found on Google. So, doing keyword research is critical.

The keyword is the search term on Google. 

Before thinking about the strategy, it is necessary to know the most searched words, using specific websites. 

When creating ads and texts on blogs, it is vital to use some of these techniques:

  • Keyword in title, first paragraph, first subtitle, and CTA;
  • Text with more than 500 words;
  • Text structure in H1, H2, H3
  • Quality content matters a lot.
  • CTA (call to action).

It is also essential to write a good text, describing the property well, and add some images to attract the public attention.

Now that you know that it is essential to use the right keyword and use other SEO techniques in ads and text on blogs see how creating targeted ads on Google can further increase your chances of being seen.

How Ads can increase your visibility and boost sales

Creating ads on Google Ads has several advantages. First, because Google is the largest search engine globally, the ads appear whenever a related search is done on the site.

 There are several possible options for advertising; choose the one that best suits your strategies.

The ads created on Google Ads are fired at the right person at the right time. Through the websites to advertise a property, this is also possible due to the option to filter the result, but not everyone brings all the public information.

Also, there are several other tools. For example, ads can appear to someone who has already shown interest in the product, during the user’s internet experience, with the remarketing tool. Then, it is possible to combine the ads of classified sites with Ads, so that, from the moment the customers look at a property ad on your page, new ads begin to appear for the user.

Therefore, in addition to the sites to advertise the property, it is essential to use other advertising forms. Thus, you get feedback on which strategies are working and which need to be changed.

Because Ads are paid, it is possible to invest less in Google ads since free classified ad platforms will also be used, such as those mentioned earlier.


Nowadays, using websites, portals to advertise property is the most efficient option to sell or rent a property. Most buyers have access to the internet and prefer to use it instead of newspaper classifieds or real estate pamphlets.

As you have seen, there are several portals for advertising properties, in addition to online classifieds. Through them, the buyer can choose from a series of options organized according to specifications.

For the broker or real estate marketing company, using the best sites to advertise properties brings benefits. They offer several advertising options, and the best way can be chosen according to the public and available budget.

Also, to increase the chances of your ads being seen, it is essential to choose SEO terms, in addition to targeted Google ads, which are not restricted to ad sites but appear throughout the buyer’s experience on the internet.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.