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The most famous giant of the internet is word press Development Company in India. So basically Word press is a free platform initially developed to build blogs but nowadays is used as content management for many websites a large number of users are choosing Word press as a solution when setting up their website. Thus we create most of the Website for Clients by Using Word press. Word Press has become one of the most favourable platforms to use. Once have the very simple clean-cut way to use Word Press it makes it so much easier to learn how it actually works and to makes a website that you actually want to make.


Building a website just like a building a house WordPress just makes things a lot shorter and time span and easier to use overall so today by showing you how to create a simple easy to manage and easy to learn customizable WordPress Website for a Customer. You know to make the website for yourself and you’re gonna be managing it and makes it a lot easier to you but when I say for a client that means there’s going to be a user interface part to it.

Some knowledge of HTML and CSS need to know how HTML structure works and how CSS. A website just needs to know the basics of it you don’t need to know PHP and or any kind of javascript you’ll need to know just a few lines of code.obviously if you do know PHP and you do know JavaScript that will enhance your website to make you able to do some advanced and cooler stuff.

Here are a few steps to follow when making the best Word Press client websites.

Identified the Client requirement:-

 The principle when you building Best websites for the beginner before you start planning out just take the time to interface with the client and understand their business. What does your client need? Well, it’s time to find out. The best way to do that is to know as much as possible about the business all information about the business will help you lot later stage when it comes to designing a website. The first stage is sitting down with client understanding all about his business and just getting as much information from him to get inside the mind of your client and focus mainly on what your clients really need is to get them to sketch their own ideas to start collecting feedback also this will going to help you the do’s and don’ts on your 2. 2. Plan sitemap for website:-website make sure whatever your client needs it should be at the top. If you create a website for business figure out points you’re actually doing here is you’re building something called a sitemap. A sitemap’s a diagram you would like to have built into your website. When you sit with your client talk to them what they need for their business. This kind of diagram it’s pretty simple actually did this with paper and pencil. It is a bird’s-eye view of the entire project at one time. It allows you to specify your design’s information hierarchy making it much easier and simple for you to plan the structure according to how you want your user to process the information.


-After you get a sitemap you should go and build a wireframe. It also allows you to make sure that you and the client understand what is going to be done in the project.  A wireframe is like a preliminary sketch and that you show to your client to kind of figure out and irons out all those little details on how the website’s going to look and structure before it’s built. The main purpose is to demonstrate to the client or to whomsoever you’re building this.

It will show how the website will look before it’s finally live that helps you to know what part of the website needs to change. It is an effective method of for both planning and communicating ideas.  Building your wireframe on a website called mock-ups it’s completely free to use with some limitation. Where you can create few pages of your site to check it before handover to the client.

3. Designing:-

After the planning process is done it time to design a good word press development company in India website. Designing means how attractive you can create your website looks Depending on the purpose of your website the web layout should be designed. Design is the first impression to the user. This is really important or maybe not the funniest part of the process doing cool design it’s a lot of the thinking and the planning that goes into it. By using the information which you collect now next step to design a website framework. Design the site by keeping in mind certain thing like

• Website Goals.

• Your target audience, 

• The main purpose of the website which turns a visitor into a customer


Super-Fast way to create your Word Press Website with Free domain name and free hosting. In order to make your website live in the World Wide Web, you will need to purchase a Domain and a Hosting.  Buy a domain or hosting for your client requirement 

Domain: -A unique name of your website

Choose a domain that includes your business name and also simple to spell and easy to remember.

Hosting:-If your domain is your address think of hosting as your rent. (a service that connects your site to the internet)

This is the place where all the information on your website lives. You can choose from a variety of service.this is actually going to be the only cost during the whole process of website making.  The important factor need to need to take like speed, Reliability, Customer per server

5. Install WordPress

It is going to be totally free Now WordPress makes it very easy to create a WordPress Website without knowing any programming or coding. Once you install WordPress your website will be live on the internet. WordPress is open-source WordPress is the ability to be elite to be easily installed on the hosting server so that webmaster can start within no time and within a quick short span of time one can easily start building a WordPress website

The first step is to make sure that the computer has all of the necessary software to run WordPress It pretty simple the only thing we need is PHP, MySQL, Apache. First ways which are the most common way is through a web hosting provider and a web hosting provider is where you get your domain name and your hosting plan for your website

6. WordPress themes:-

You can change the look of your website by using WordPress themes. WordPress has thousands of themes available for free So it simple process to install a theme by just going to the dashboard under appearance, click themes.

Choose any themes you like to select it and you will see the preview of the themes. You can also customize your current themes by clicking “Customize”. If you don’t know how to actually build the website you can take templates or you can use a page builder and build theses pages yourself 

The Page builder that used by most is called Elementor it was completely free or there is a paid version that is more helpful. Hope this helps to build the best WordPress website for beginners.

7. Word Press Plugins

 Word Press comes up with thousands of thousands of plugin that can do a lot of job for you but there are some security issues that you have to take care of Word Press itself. There are some Word Press plugins that make the growth of your website and these themes and plugins make a perfect website for the customer.

This makes time management so much easier you can make websites so much faster from essentially scratch because of these plugins saves a tremendous amount of time on examples If you want to add a slider or a picture slider this would take an hour however if you use a plug-in it takes about 10 minutes to install and customize to you exactly what you need it saves so much time.

8.Content: –

A very important part of the website development process. Content can be any form the process of chooses the right content like text, photo, or video. Effective content means more engagement which turns a visitor into a potential customer. Analysis what type of content is crucial for a website they all are well optimized not only for visitors but also for your search engines We always say content is king obviously a good content will drive more traffic to the website. Hence automatically your site will rank on Google.

9. Monitoring

The last process of creating a good designing website for a customer is maintenance The website needs maintenance from time to time to give you good performance just like your vehicle needs. After testing all the technical features like code and scripts compatibly with major browsers as after we launch the site our job is definitely not complete. We need to monitor always what’s happening after the start enables us to fix the possible deficiency and if want you can also manage to future maintenance and updates for you. As you know web designing is a very complex process.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.