Best Places to Visit in Morocco

Morocco is the doorway to Africa, and is saturated with variety with inviting neighborliness, sandy sea shores, out of date urban communities, vast deserts, and rough mountain ranges. On top of these shocking scenes, the region is brimming with social and strict importance, as an overwhelmingly Islamic country. Accordingly, after visiting, you’ll be introduced to all ways of Islamic traditions, like Ramadan, Eid, and Qurbani. Morocco is home to the absolute most astonishing urban areas on the whole landmass of Africa and should be right at the highest point of any voyager’s list of must-dos. Things being what they are, the place where would it be a good idea for you to visit when you end up in Morocco?


Marrakesh is maybe the most well known objective with regards to visiting Morocco, and it’s no big surprise why. Marrakesh is bountiful in all ways of sights and sounds that essentially can’t be capable somewhere else. Indeed, Marrakesh’s fundamental square can measure up to that of a bazaar, because of its lavishness and clamoring nature. The square, which is also called Djemaa El Fna, is populated by tumblers, snake-charmers and, strangely, dental specialists with containers of pulled teeth. In any case, when the sun sets, around 100 eateries slow down to kick off a barbecuing contest, which is firmly trailed by music practices.


Albeit the Fez medina is frequently viewed as a turbulent labyrinth, you can’t fear stalling out in. It’s hard to get lost because of the enormous volume of individuals, as the progression of them will commonly lead you towards a primary entry. Then again, you can constantly request that a businessperson guide you in the correct heading. The Fez medina is a genuine experience loaded up with beautiful business sectors, copious studios, and, surprisingly, covered up middle age squares. During this time, you should be certain that you don’t get so lost in the mayhem that you can’t see the value in the Arabic calligraphy, mosaic tiling, fancy carvings, and amazing plasterwork.

High Atlas Mountains

Any rush looking for globe-trotters necessitates setting aside a few minutes for the High Atlas Mountains, as this is the tallest mountain range in all of North Africa. The reach runs for about 620 miles and isolates the gentle Mediterranean environment of the north and the brutal temperatures of the Sahara toward the south. No matter what the season, the High Atlas Mountains are viewed as a traveler’s heaven and ought to never be neglected by the people who blame get-aways so as to investigate and experience. On top of this, the perspectives are unbelievable, and you will not have the option to match the dynamite perspectives on Morocco somewhere else.


Chefchaouen is inconceivably instagrammable for the people who are especially aware of their web-based media presence. The blue dividers and steps look fantastic when combined with the red housetops, beautiful plant pots, and, surprisingly, the created iron overhangs. This is the ideal spot for people-watching.

with a lot of bistros close by to partake in a genuine tea. If not, you can leave on a riverside walk, peruse the market slows down, or even visit the nearby mosque for a social encounter. Chefchaouen is probably the prettiest area that you’ll at any point experience on any of your movements and it’s not to be missed when in Morocco.


Skoura is loaded up with life and plant life, making it an invigorating differentiation to the modern idea of the super Moroccan square. Here. Guest Post Travel you’ll observe abundant measures of palm trees, almonds, hay, figs, dates, pomegranates, mint, and tomatoes. This is one of the most verifiable areas of Morocco and is the ideal spot to partake in a loose and sluggish method of life. From dazzling guesthouses to legitimate diners, Skoura won’t ever be frustrated.

By Anurag Rathod

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