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If you are planning to visit this one of the largest cities in Oregon, you are right about it!! The city comes up with outstanding vibes of happiness, through its lush green parks, marvelous tourist spots, and stylish lifestyle. Grab a drink from its popular breweries or admire the artistic creations kept in the museum, the Amazing city of Eugene has it all!!

Call out your family members or talk with your friends, Eugene is waiting for everyone!! Make a travel diary and capture snaps at various engaging tourist spots…

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Saturday Market

The popular Saturday Market of Eugene is the best place to spend delightful moments apart from other tourist attractions of the city. The weekly gathering is not just a place to buy groceries or clothes, but it is most famous for live country music, handmade local crafts, and internationally inspired food.

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Mount Pisgah Arboretum

Enjoy some brilliant natural scenes from the top of Mount Pisgah! A celebrated place for nature lovers, birdwatchers, and hikers, the Mount Pisgah Arboretum has got a lush green space.

Breathe in and out from the fresh air, blessing its summit, and get lost in the scenic vibes of Mount Pisgah. Also, you can visit there to attend its annual Mushroom Festival showcasing more than 300 mushroom species. Book your tickets through the Allegiant Airlines reservation system for easy and cheap reservations!!

Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Have you ever imagined how dinosaurs’ bodies looked like? No? Then come here to the Museum of Natural and Cultural History asap! The museum facilities guide you through its galleries, giving insights into wildlife.

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Hendricks Park

Come here to Eugene and see what you deserved in your life!! The charms of this rhododendron garden will blow your mind completely. Aren’t you excited to enjoy in its garden full of rhododendrons?

Feel the presence of blooming flowers and find out everything that the park shows you!! Visitors also find Oak Knoll Trail worth exploring.

Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House

Sat perched on the slopes of Skinner Butte, the victorian style structure gives some fascinating looks. Observed from some distance, the structure looks like a fairy-tale castle.

Eugene Science Center

Eugene Science Center is a must-visit attraction of Oregon. The site delves into some unknown but amazing facts of science and will help a lot for your kids, to unfold the mysteries of space. The Planetarium displays exciting laser shows and knowledgeable science films.

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Lane County Historical Museum

Learn about the history of the famous Oregon Trail at Lane County Historical Museum. This exciting spot offers its visitors a 100-year old staircase from the old courthouse, an impressive collection of the antique vehicle, and the 1853 Lane County Clerk’s Building, and much more

Dive into the rich history of Eugene visible through the windows of this museum!! Remember, Guys! We have one life, then why not live it to the fullest? The charming city of Eugene is waiting for you!

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