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Electric scooters for heavy adults are not only fast and have a long range, but they are so fun to ride. So, ditch the car, ride your e-scooter to work or school each day, and enjoy the outdoors. 

What is a long range electric scooter?

The range of a scooter determines the distance it can travel on a single charge. But a good long distance electric scooter for adults can travel 20 miles or more on a charge. It all boils down to the type of battery and motor, the rider’s weight, and road condition.

Getting a long range commuter electric scooter will get you to and from your destination without needing a charge. Let’s discover the best adult electric scooter with a long range and how you can get the most out of your commute.

What can affect the range of a commuter electric scooter?

When you finally unbox your new long range electric scooter, there are some things you should remember to maximize your range:

  • Hills: Riding up large hillscan take an enormous amount of effort from your electric scooter. If you reside in an area where you will need to ride up and down hills, you need a long distance electric scooter with a powerful motor and battery.
  • Weight: The weight of the rider can impact the range you get out of each charge. For instance, if the payload capacity is 200 lbs, and the rider weighs 190 lbs, it won’t be easy to get a long range out of the ride. Buy an electric scooter suitable for your weight with enough wiggle room to wear heavy clothes, a backpack, and add a handlebar bag.
  • Aggressive riding: Even if you have the best adult electric scooter, the way you ride can affect the range. Intensely braking and accelerating can shorten the range per charge.
  • Terrain: If you are an off-road adventurer, you will get a few miles less per charge due to the rough terrain.
  • Temperature: Extremely high and low temperatures can also affect the range. If it’s very cold or hot out, avoid storing it outdoors.

What are the best long range electric scooters in 2021?

This is an easy answer! The Varla Eagle One and Varla Pegasus. Not only are they designed for heavy adults, but they alsohave high-quality parts to make your scooter last.

Long range electric scooter

The Pegasus is the best commuter electric scooter. Not only can you travel up to 28 miles on a single charge, but it has a maximum payload capacity of 280 lbs. This sleek electric scooter for heavy adults is perfect for urban living and daily commuting. So, skip the traffic and ride this beauty each day.

The Eagle One is an all-terrain electric scooter and made for outdoor adventures. If you are seeking an off-road ride, then this is the one for you. Not only does it look amazing, but it also has all the best specs. This beast reaches speeds of 40 mph and can ride for more than 40 miles before needing a charge. The maximum payload capacity is 330 lbswith more than a 30-degree climbing angle to tackle the terrain.

Battery and motor

The battery powers the motor,and each will have a huge impact on your range. The power capacity gets measures in watt-hours and the determining factor on how far you can travel. 

With a dual motor giving 1,600W power output and 48V/15.6Ah battery, you can expect superior performance and one of the best long range electric scooters in 2021 from the Pegasus.

The Eagle One has a 52V/18.2Ah lithium-ion battery providing an optimum range for any typeof ride. It is equipped with 2 x 1,000-watt motors making it a top all-terrain electric scooter with a long range. 

Why choose lithium-ion batteries?

Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, high-performing, and bio-degradable!With lowmaintenance, high energy density, and highperformance, lithium-ion batteries are the topchoice for e-scooters.

Weight and style

For long range electric scooters to achieve great distances, they should be lightweight but have exceptional parts. You need to be able to fold it up and go.Electric scooters for heavy adults should never weigh at a minimum below 40 lbs. The frame and design of the scooter should carry the rider’s weight with ease while giving the longrange. 

Varla electric scooters can add dual motors, dual disc brakes, dual independent suspension, and a payload capacity of more than 250 lbs. The Pegasus weighs 66 lbs, and the Eagle One comes in at 77 lbs. So, heavy adults can experience the same power on a long distance electric scooter!

The Crux of it All

Getting a long range electric scootersuch as the Pegasus and Eagle One,rest assure that you are getting value for money.With ranges of more than 28 miles, you can ride your scooter all day on a single charge. Each one suits a different riding style!

The Eagle One is an all-terrain electric scooter for heavy adults with a maximum payload capacity of 330 lbs. You can hit the off-road trails and adventure whenever you want with absolute ease. But, with speeds of 40 mph and more, be sure to wear your safety gear!

The Pegasus is the ultimate commuter electric scooter! Fold your e-scooter in three easy steps and hop on a train or climb the stairs with ease. The Pegasus was designed for urban living, so get on your urban commuter and explore the neighborhoods you have yet to discover. With 28 miles worth of range on a single charge, you can have endless adventures on your electric scooter.

If you need an electric scooter for heavy adults, look no further than the Pegasus and Eagle One. Decide on your riding style and choose one that suits your needs. Both are long distance electric scooters, and their performance goes unmatched.

By Anurag Rathod

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