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In today’s digital age, any business is incomplete without a robust Instagram profile. The reason is that it has over 1 billion active users per month. In addition, a large number of Instagram influencers are there, having millions of followers. Moreover, it provides some excellent features like “link in bio,” which is the only best way to drive traffic and sales, which means you can easily create successful brand awareness. But unfortunately, Instagram allows us to have only one active link in the entire profile. That’s why Linktree came to help you get more from this single link. 

Linktree was the first Instagram link in bio tool used to solve the single bio link problem. But now, users have stopped using Linktree and started to look for Linktree alternatives. This is because Instagram is continuously marking Linktree’s links as spam. I know you may why Linktree links are getting banned. In fact, Linktree is still unable to provide custom domains, and on the other hand, shortened links are considered spam or unsafe by Instagram. 

Linktree alternatives

Linktree is free to use. It allows you to create landing pages to host unlimited links. You can also integrate these pages with Google Analytics and Mailchimp. Linktree provides a user-friendly interface that helps users get things straightforwardly. Due to shortened links, people have stopped using it. That’s why Linktree alternatives come into play to help you make the most get out of your single link. Here are Linktree alternatives;


LinkBook is one of the easiest and powerful Linktree alternatives. It is free to use. With it, you can create attractive and mobile-friendly landing pages to house your content and multiple links. It means you can connect your audience to your multiple social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. 

This bio tool integrates with Mailchimp, Google analytics, and Facebook pixel. Also, it provides advanced link tracking facility. Its drag and drop tool are fantastic, which helps you get things quickly. Here are some of its features;

  • LinkBook provides custom domains
  • It also offers animated and scheduled links
  • Free, permanent plan with advanced features
  • In-depth statistics
  • UTM parameters, and more. 


It is rich in features, user-friendly, and affordable. If we compare it with Linktree, it will win in almost all the categories. It doesn’t require you to be an expert. You can sign-up for ContactIn.Bio using your smartphone. Like Linktree, it offers a permanent free plan. But it also offers premium plans that are super affordable. The paid plans start from $2.6 per month to 4.55 p/m. 

With ContactIn.Bio, you’re allowed to create unique links or landing pages to house your collection of links, such as links for your website, blog pages, product pages, social profiles, affiliate sites, and many more. In addition, it provides a lot of customization options, so you style your landing pages and all whatever these pages have. 


It is another one of the best Linktree alternatives. TapKit comes with a user-friendly interface that helps users to get things easily. In addition, Its designs are much better than Linktree. Above all, TapKit offers some excellent features, including interactive widgets, beautiful designs, drag-and-drop page builder, custom URL, and many more. Like ContactIn.Bio, it is free to use. 


Unlike most, it is not free. Users have to pay to purchase premium plans if they’re interested in using Shorby’s incredible features. Shorby allows users to build mobile-optimized landing pages where you can add GIFs, animated avatars, blogs, videos, affiliate links, and more. You can also connect these smart pages with Google Analytics and Mailchimp. Below are some of Shorby’s features;

  • Custom URL shortener
  • Customizable fonts
  • Social icons
  • Messenger buttons
  • Retargeting
  • Link 

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