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Ask anyone about their past travel experiences; you will find most people will just be lost for a moment thinking about the places they have traveled. If you ask me what my experiences are while traveling, trust me there are many but here I am going to share some of the best experiences. 

Honestly, you will miss many things in your life if you have never traveled to new places. Traveling gives you many learning experiences that you can never learn from classroom studies. You will learn a new language, know about new classes, lifestyle, and many more things. In this article, I will be sharing my best experiences while traveling. 

My Best Experiences While Traveling

Every year I travel to two or three new places, either with my family or friends. Most of the time, I travel with my family, and here is what I have experienced while traveling. 

I Become More Patient

Most people think that traveling is luxurious, as it looks like in the advertisements. Yeah, there are some fun parts in traveling but there will be many uncertainties where you will learn how to be patient. In normal life, we are too busy and get worried while waiting for something. Many experiences helped me to become more patient, and here  I am sharing one. 

When I traveled to Sacramento from the McCarran International Airport, Nevada, my flight got delayed for 3 hours. There I have to wait at the airport for four hours. The first two hours passed, having fun with my kids and looking at different passengers. But the next hour was quite boring, but I tried to manage it by reading about the places to visit in Sacramento. Traveling also helped me to make new friends. 

Making New Friends

One of the best things that I have gained from traveling is I made a few new friends from different places. Having a new friend from new places helps you know about how they live, their lifestyle, and more. 

I have friends from different countries, and I enjoy meaningful conversations even today. Many friends had also been invited to their home to have dinner at their home. Another thing that traveling has taught me is to take risks and come out of my comfort zone.

Come Out of Comfort Zone

Traveling also taught me how to get out of my comfort zone and take some risks in life. Most people think that traveling means going out with friends on a plane, staying in luxurious hotels, and moving around beautiful sights. 

However, it’s not always the case; you have to go out and get familiar with the unfamiliar conditions. It’s a great experience, and you will have new experiences that you have never had before. One of my best experiences was scuba diving in Thailand. 

I Become Curious 

Traveling made me curious about the world. I was really not so open to new ideas in my 20’s. After working in a company, I started visiting new places and from then I had become curious about different things. 

Being in a new place gives you the opportunity to learn new ideas, a new language, food, places, and it opens our minds and you become curious. Traveling and talking to strangers broadens our horizons and we get a meaningful conversation with people. As you travel, it will make you more hungry to know more about the world and gives you new opportunities to discover. 

Traveling Makes You More Creative

While traveling, you might get many bumps on the road, I mean you may miss a bus and you have to find an alternative. Sometimes, you may not have wifi connections but that doesn’t stop you from reaching your destination.  You may find many adverse situations and you have to think out of the box. 

Thus, you become more creative in every aspect of your life. Studies show that people who travel more perceive different things from a broader perspective and work better in adverse situations. Traveling is not always luxurious and glamorous as we generally think, it force us to be creative during different situations 

Find Value in Small Things

When you return from a trip, you find value in small things. A homemade meal means a lot to you because you missed it for a long time. There are many things that you miss while busy in your life while you return, you find value in every small thing and you feel fresh and joyful.

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These are some of my best experiences while traveling. After all, traveling gives me the opportunity to spend some valuable time with my family and friends. 

Again, traveling has also improved health and I am feeling more focused at work. It brings a balance to my life which fills the gap in my life. Hopefully, you enjoyed the article and I recommend you to plan a trip at least once in a year.

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