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Dress shoes Ranked. You need a new pair, so you go out there to do a quick search, tons of options. You got options, but maybe not this many options because you’ve got all these different types of dress shoes in front of you. You’ve got monk straps, you’ve got loafers, you’ve got Balmorals oxford, you’ve got bluchers and you’re trying to figure out what is the right style for you, which is going to fit the formality of the suit which one is going to be more casual to be able to dress down with jeans. Guys, the purpose of today’s video is to break out those dress shoes and to break out those dress shoes and to explain to you the difference in formality so that you can buy the right pair for you.

First off, let’s talk about the two factors which are going to affect most shoes in terms of their level of formality.

Number one

Number one is the build of the shoe. The general rule here is the simpler the more elegant the build, the more formal the shoe is going to be. As you start to add complexities to the build of the shoe, it becomes more casual. The other thing you want to pay attention to is the open versus a closed lacing system. So, you see this right over here and how this back part kind of goes under that is a closed lacing system and is going to be more formal. An open placing system oftentimes seen with a blucher which we’ll get into, this is we’re going to the quarter the back is going Togo on top of the vamp.

The second factor

Number tow affecting the formality of the shoe is going to be the material in which the shoe is made to include the color. The most formal of all the colors are going to be black, after that other dark colors like dark brown, oxblood. Those are going to be formal, not as formulas black, but they are still formal. And what you’re going to see is as the colors get lighter, so as we go maybe to a medium gray, we start going to a white, we go toe light gray, all of those are going to be more casual colors. Now, the material specifications of the upper, if we see a smooth leather that can be polished this is going to be more formal. Now, if you start to see something like suede, this is going to be more casual. When it comes to the sole of the shoe, in general leather is going to be more formal, rubber is going to be more casual.

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Two things about these shoes I love.

 Number one,  The bold designs, 

number two,  The fit and basically the overall feel of these shoes.

These have to be some of the most comfortable dress shoes I’ve ever worn. But, guys, let me pull up their website. Look at these beautiful shoes, look at everything. these are Italian-made men’s dress shoes, they’re hand-selected. They use full grain calf leather, it’s crafted, it’s dyed, and it’s varnished by hand. And like I said, guys, it’s an incredibly comfortable shoe. They use this lightweight Blake Flex construction and a leather outsole, it allows basically for easy effortless movement. Another cool thing about this, you can actually get these reset. Other details about the built, they also use a calf leather lining that reduces the heat and the moisture while you’re wearing the shoe. At the end of the day, gentlemen what you’re getting is a unique and beautiful pair of Italian crafted shoes.

Best Shoe Colors

These are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I love them. I think they’re a great company, I highly recommend them. And in the link in that description, I’ve got a discount code. Go use that to get the best deal out there. So, number one on my list, gentlemen, of the most formal dress shoe it’s black.


I was ultra-specific there and I’m only putting one shoe in this category. The reason this shoe is here is it can be worn not only with a suit, but you can actually shine it up, you can even wear this with an aback tie which is in itself has certain shoes that can be worn with. And I’m not going to get into formal pumps I’m not going to get into patent leather which is often it’s a very glossy leather that ‘sworn with a black tie. That’s kind of beyond and I want something that applied to more people. But, understand that Balmorals oxfords use a closed lacing system.

Best Dress shoe( my choice )

I talked about that earlier, but the lacing system is key here and they are my number one choice for being the most formal dress shoe out there. Number two on the list Balmorals oxfords, again, but we’re getting away from being plain. Now, we’re starting to bring in cap toes. We’re bringing in maybe a little bit of medallion design on the toe. We’re bringing in a variety of different colors; oxblood, dark browns, even a medium brown. We’re going for darker still colored shoes, so all of these are going to work great with an interview suit. But, what we’re seeing here is a little bit more design, this is going to make it a little bit less formal.

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