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Most people interested in moving to Brooklyn these days are young. They are the adventurous types who want to experience the culture and nightlife of Brooklyn. However, moving to Brooklyn is also an excellent choice for families. Besides being generally considered safe, there are plenty of parks, and the apartments are spacious enough to house families. So, we put together a list of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families to help you decide if moving to Brooklyn is the best choice for you as well.

Park Slope

If you talk to anyone who knows Brooklyn, they’ll tell you that Park Slope is one of, if not the best, Brooklyn neighborhoods. It is safe, and it has attracted young entrepreneurs and professionals for over three decades. But what makes it perfect for families? Access to Prospect Park, tree-lined streets, and the many family-friendly businesses in the area. Many families already call Park Slope their home, and much of the culture here is kid-friendly. You can find many beautiful playgrounds here as well. Park Slope has even become famous for its family-oriented block parties. Also, the public schools here are highly rated for student performance. Or, if you prefer private schooling, Park Slope is home to several popular private schools. Still, moving can be stressful for your family, so take your time to decide.

Bay Ridge

Next on the list of best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families, Bay Ridge has seen few changes throughout its existence. True, this means that it isn’t as trendy as other neighborhoods, but it is charming in its own way. Bay Ridge is an interesting mix of old and new, and it has the feeling of a small town. The streets are filled with detached houses, all with backyards, driveways, and garages. And while it doesn’t change much, Bay Ridge is a diverse and thriving neighborhood. It’s quiet, it’s safe, and it’s cozy. A perfect match for families.


An up-and-coming neighborhood, Greenpoint is a quaint neighborhood with all sorts of restaurants, vintage shops, and charming bars. This neighborhood is home to a large Polish-American community, earning it the nickname Little Poland. This has led to an exciting mix of cultures, making it a fantastic place for more curious families to settle. It is also, according to its residents, a very safe and quiet neighborhood. Greenpoint is a quick commute from Manhattan via train or ferry. So, with a reliable mover, you can have an easy transfer just around the corner from just about anywhere in NYC. It definitely has its perks. 

Brooklyn Heights

Access to Brooklyn Bridge Park, historical buildings, and a quaint, distinct neighborhood feel – Brooklyn Heights has everything to make it extremely attractive to families. With the designated slow areas with speed bumps to slow down traffic, this neighborhood is very family-friendly and a natural fit for families big and small. The public schools in Brooklyn Heights are also in high demand, to the point that the neighborhood had to be rezoned to prevent overcrowding. On top of this, the area is also home to many elite private schools. And more improvements are on the way. The library is undergoing renovations, and there are plans for a permanent public pool in Squibb Park.


Only recently overtaken by Greenpoint on the list of up-and-coming neighborhoods, Williamsburg has everything it needs to make it family-friendly. It is a neighborhood with an immensely diverse and vibrant ethnic mix of people. It is home to McCarren Park, providing many outdoor activities suitable for children of all ages. The schools here are rated well, and while it isn’t the quietest neighborhood, it is pretty safe. All in all, it makes for an urban but family-friendly place. But, if you need it to feel cozier, you could make your home more charming for your family.

Windsor Terrace

Windsor Terrace sits on the opposite end of Prospect Park compared to Park Slope. For families looking for access to Prospect Park but find Park Slope too expensive or loud, Windsor Terrace makes for a perfect home. Parts of Park Slope are still within easy walking distance, but compared to Park Slope, this neighborhood is almost sleepy. And, of course, Windsor Terrace has its own playgrounds and easy access to Prospect Park Parade Grounds. The public schools here are also rated highly, and the neighborhood is known for its sense of community and diversity. All in all, this makes it one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families.

Cobble Hill

Often regarded as one of the most beautiful and historic neighborhoods in Brooklyn, it is a quiet place near all of the attractions in the downtown. Cobble Hill is famous for being one of the most suitable places for families with children. While it is among the more expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn, it is both charming and family-friendly.

Moving to Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a terrific place for a family, and there is always something to do or see. But, due to the heavy traffic in Brooklyn, moving into it (or from one place to another within it) can get a bit difficult. With this in mind, it is best to hire Brooklyn-based professionals to do it. Having a moving company experienced in managing the traffic and familiar with the streets makes for a much smoother move.


Brooklyn is a place with many things to offer to families. Parks, playgrounds, highly rated schools: all of these make it a great place to raise a family. But, at the end of the day, only you can decide what the best choice for your family is. We hope that this list of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families helps you make that decision.

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