Family Move

No matter how far you’re going, moving can be a serious challenge. The year 2020 has made it even harder by adding a layer of cleaning and decontaminating, both as you move out and as you move into your new place. To lower your stress levels, prep your family and make it as fun as you can.

Show Photos of the New House to the Kids

If you have images or a promotional video of your new home, share it with your family so they get a feel for space. A cheerful family room or a bright, open kitchen can calm moving anxieties for parents, and the idea of new bedroom space, big backyard, or playroom can further add to the excitement.

As you define the new space, consider that this is a good time to start decluttering and winnowing down the possessions that will actually go into your new house. Consider sharing books that talk about generosity with your children as you start to declutter.

Create a “Camping Out” Feel

In addition to paring down possession, consider dragging out the sleeping bags. Eventually, you or your Texas moving company are going to have to break down the beds, so getting used to camping may be a good way to help your children adjust to their new space.

A tent in the living room with a movie and some snuggle time with mom and dad will work in your current house and the next one. Give your children this sense of companionship to make the adjustment to the new house easier.

Hire a Babysitter

Depending on the age of your children and the work you need to get done, you may need to hire a babysitter. Keep the tent in the living room open for business as you clean up the baby’s room.

Invite older children in to help you with the cleanup and decluttering. Make sure that each child has bins or boxes marked with their name, and make sure they know that they are in charge of that box. In there are all the things that belong to them and only them.

Use Suitcases

Put your household luggage to work for your move. Everyone, even the baby, needs a suitcase that contains

  • pajamas
  • fresh clothes for a few days
  • toiletries
  • a towel
  • bedding for their bed
  • their pillow if possible

Set up two other bags.

1) You’ll need a computer case for laptops, tablets, charging cables, and adapters, or at least one surge strip as necessary. Consider also investing in some power bricks so you can keep your phones charged if you’re going to need GPS for this adventure. If your older kids want to, and you’re comfortable with it, this can all go into a decent-sized backpack to be managed by a teenager.

2) You need a decontamination bag. Gloves, masks, wipes, and face shields as appropriate will need to be carried in this bag. Make sure you include sealable plastic bags that you can zip up and toss after you clean the shared surfaces in your new home, or in a hotel room if you have to stop along the way.

Hire a Decontamination Service

Work with your realtor to find a decontamination service for your new home. The house should be professionally cleaned by the seller, so if you know it’s going to be move-in ready, let the movers settle in your possessions. Once the movers have everything in the house, let the decontamination crew go in and wipe down all the shared surfaces, countertops, bathroom surfaces, and any cabinetry hardware.

Current data indicates that the COVID-19 virus can’t survive more than 24 hours on cardboard, so have the movers put everything into the bedrooms and close the doors. Have them set the living room furniture against the walls so you have space for the family tent. After 24 hours, you should be able to safely unpack. If your movers are planning to do the unpacking, still strive to stay hands-off for the first 24 hours.

Moving can be a wonderful time to declutter, and decluttering can reduce your stress load. Carefully plan your move for the safety of you and your family. Work with a mover you can trust. Decontaminate shared surfaces before using any space, and unpack after that 24-hour window.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.