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Whenever developers have to create software, they have to face the most confusing and time-consuming question of selecting the technology for the project. 

And for freeing the engineers from this hassle and helping them pick out reliable tech for front-end, backend, database, and hosting, numerous application development stacks are innovated by the industry experts. 

However, before selecting any random one from the list, you must understand its basics and know the best software development stack in 2022. 

Let’s read further about its fundamentals, needs, and types of these stacks. 

What does a Software Development Stack mean? 

An application development stack means a group of compatible frontend and backend technologies, leading a software expert to innovate a cutting-edge business solution. 

The user interface and logic behind it are the two main components of any application. To ensure that these elements efficiently collaborate, developers prefer using these stacks to accomplish project scope. 

For example: Netflix comprises of Python, MySQL, Node JS and React in their stack for producing application and maintaining it. 

Likewise, every software is built on some group of technologies that covers overall application functionalities and works in coordination. 

Why should you Prefer an Application Development Stack?

+Now, we know what a development stack is and its components. So, let’s understand the need to pick out a stack for your project. 

  • It assures the stability and smooth functioning of the application. 
  • All the technologies are compatible, reducing the probability of downtime. 
  • It helps to determine the behavior of the software solution. 
  • Enhances the app’s speed, scalability, and security. 
  • You get the leverage to select the storage type, operating system, and architecture. 

Let’s Explore the Best Software Development Stacks

There is various tech stack available for furnishing avant-garde solution. So, let’s get started and understand them one by one. 

The MEAN Stack

If you are a web developer or associated with software development, you must have come through the MEAN stack. 

You must be wondering why this technology stack is so popular. 

The MEAN stack comprises MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS as its primary technologies for developing robust and industry-aligned applications. 

When you create software using this stack, MongoDB serves as the primary database, Express JS supports the backend operation, Angular JS is responsible for maintaining the frontend, and Node JS acts as the platform-independent server for hosting the app and handling end-user requests. 

Figure 1

For the past few years, MEAN has maintained its position in advance and the most reliable software development stack. 

The main reason behind its popularity is its affiliation to Javascript, which assures a high-performing, dynamic and easy-to-adapt application. 

The MERN Stack 

MERN stack is also an appraised choice between the development experts, as it also leverages you to utilize the features of Javascript. 

You must be wondering, if both MEAN and MERN are based on Javascript, then what’s the point of creating two stacks. 

The answer is simple: MERN offers React JS instead of Angular JS, making both of these equally strong opponents. You can learn more about their difference at MEAN Stack Vs. MERN Stack: The Difference Between Full Stack Options Explained.

MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS is this stack’s principal technologies, offering a wide array of libraries, modules, architecture, and databases for fabricating our application. 

Figure 2

Furthermore, the reason for including this stack was to offer both front-end and back-end development features and run the code simultaneously on the browser and servers.

The MEVN Stack 

With MEAN and MERN, MEVN is also a part of Javascript-based stacks. 

As people see the advantages of Javascript, more and more application development stacks comprise JS frameworks, libraries, and runtime environments. 

MEVN stands for MongoDB, Express JS, Vue JS, and Node JS, the principal technologies you will use when working with this development stack. You can build a wide range of applications by easily integrating custom APIs, plugins, and cloud services with it.

In addition, due to simplicity, easy customization, ample community support and modular architecture, Vue JS replaces the Angular and React in this stack.  

Figure 3

Moreover, you must have noticed that Node JS is a standard tech in every software development stack. The purpose of it lies in its features and performance of it. 

You can check it by yourself by installing it following our guide: How to Install NPM and Node JS on Mac and Windows

The LAMP Stack

If you prefer Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, then the LAMP stack is perfect for your project, as it includes all these technologies and leads to building highly-responsive applications. 

Developers and other industry professionals have been using it for the past ten years, and it is one of the most trusted open-source stacks. With its advanced features and authentic capabilities, you can effortlessly create, update, support, and maintain dynamic web pages. 

It assures excellent PHP website performance with its open-source Linux operating system and apache server for executing a large number of requests and storing data in the MySQL database. 

Figure 4

In addition, with its easy resource accessibility and flexibility to embed other technologies, you can save your cost and enhance the performance and durability of your software. 

You can also modify its components within the stack according to your business requirements and accomplish your goals seamlessly. And, don’t worry about being new to Linux operating system or any other tech in this stack, as you will get plenty of resources and guides to learn about them. 

For aligning with evolving business needs and fluctuating market trends, you should go for this stack.

Microsoft ASP.Net 

We understood the stacks with frameworks, platforms, libraries, and databases based on different technologies. 

However, .NET is a web development technology crafted and supported by Microsoft, which offers scalable features to build full-fledged prosperous, and responsive web applications. You can use it for crafting both the user interface and backend hosted on a dedicated server. 

Figure 5

Developers primarily prefer ASP.NET or Active Server Pages to build an appealing website and write code using C# and VB languages. 

With a .NET-based app, you can manage each web page separately and run scripts on a single element. In addition, you can reduce the time-to-market and enhance the security of your online portal with its in-built modules. 

Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd employs .NET specialists for developing feature-rich, alluring, and logically robust applications. You can get your business solutions and start your digital journey by collaborating.

The Serverless Stack

You must be wondering how a stack can be without a server, where you should host your application. 

Don’t worry. The serverless stack here focuses on the cloud infrastructure. The main goal of a serverless stack is to get you hassle-free from configuring and maintaining the servers. 

Figure 6

You can select the frontend and backend framework and programming language for building the software. And, when it comes to the turn to host and make it live, you have to go for a cloud service provider, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. 

You can avail various benefits by opting serverless stack, such as: 

  • Advance security mechanisms assuring data integrity and confidentiality. 
  • Flawless scale up and down of resources. 
  • Saving server setup and maintenance cost. 
  • Always active for each of your customers. 

How to Pick out a Relevant Stack for your Project

After learning about all these stacks for 2022, choosing a single one for your project can be confusing. So, whenever you want to pick out a development stack, you must consider the below-listed points: 

  • Always check the technologies in a stack and cross-verify them with your requirements for checking whether you can develop the software you want or not with it. 
  • Explore the technologies and understand their features and their difference with other techs. 
  • Move as per your convenience, budget, and time-to-market. 
  • Evaluate what kind of software is the need of your organization. 

Rounding Up

If you want to grow your business in 2022, you must have a business application, and you should choose an appropriate development stack for its creation. 

MEAN, MERN, MEVN, LAMP, .NET, and Serverless are the top stacks that support a large community and are easily accessible, leading to flexible and cost-efficient development. 

All these stacks assure a vanguard solution as its final output. However, you must go through the details of each one of them to avoid any risks in your project.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.