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For years, most business owners have followed the belief that an important step to increase revenue is to focus on getting more clients. For years, the ability to serve more clients seemed to rely heavily on manual efforts. In simple words, if you want to work for more clients, you need a bigger team at your workplace. With the changing times and the evolution of technology over the last couple of years, this turns out to be partially true, especially in the case of the cloud accounting industry.

In fact, you can work smartly with a limited workforce by your side and still grow your clients provided you invest in the right technology. If you have continued to work in an age-old fashion, it will ultimately punish you with affected business growth.

What does QuickBooks Pro desktop accounting software on cloud mean?

Indeed, QuickBooks Pro is an advanced software meant for small and medium businesses. You need not switch to an alternative (if that’s the question you have in mind). Instead, the way you host it needs to be changed with the help of QuickBooks Pro hosting.

Like many other business owners, you might also want to know if investing in QuickBooks Pro Cloud will benefit both your business and your clients. In this blog post, we will walk you through the mutually inclusive benefits of QuickBooks hosting.

But first, let’s look at the basics of cloud hosting that lead to this shift in QuickBooks accessibility.

QuickBooks Pro Hosting Fundamentals

QuickBooks Pro hosting refers to the cloud solution that allows you to host/install your licensed QB Pro desktop software on a cloud server. This is different from hosting QuickBooks software on a local computer installed in the office which poses restrictions on the software accessibility beyond office premises.

If you hire an Intuit-authorized commercial host, you can even buy the license along with the hosting plan at the same place. Moreover, the advantages of switching to the cloud environment can help you stay on track with the business growth plan.

Here’s how you and your clients will benefit from using hosted QuickBooks Pro software:

Easy data file sharing for approvals

While working for different clients, how do you share accounting data that requires their approval before you take it into use? Is it shared via email, messaging apps, or secondary storage devices?

In a non-cloud environment, the process usually goes like this –

You created an accounting data file using QuickBooks Pro using the sales data provided to you by a client. To get the approval to pass it on for tax preparation, you wanted the client to have a look. You shared it via email. The client looked at it, suggested some changes, then sent it back to you. You worked on it and sent it back, and the process continues till the file gets approved.

As you can see, it takes significant time and effort at both ends to work in a traditional local-hosted environment. The same process can be simplified a bit with QuickBooks Pro cloud. Once the data is hosted on the cloud, you can provide restricted or full access to your clients. They can check the file there on the cloud itself, suggest changes if any, and then the next round of edits at your end occurs on the cloud itself. No need to share files via email, and no need to save multiple copies of the same data file at both ends.

Back to business beyond business hours if needed

Having QuickBooks Pro installed on your office computers but you can’t access them when you are outside? You are not alone. When you are using the desktop software version, you can only access it from the assigned computer system. Since being in the office premises longer than usual is not desirable, you may feel like lagging behind the business rivals while doing less work than you should.

Whenever the business demands you to finish certain tasks on time and you know you can’t stay inside your office for much longer, QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting can come to your rescue. It allows you to access the software via any Internet-connected device – iPad, MacBook, laptop, or smartphone. You will have your secure login credentials that can be used to access cloud-hosted software and data.

For you, it means the ease of accessing QuickBooks Pro at your convenience to deliver various business tasks on time. For your clients, it would mean a quick response and better business relationships.

Enhanced security of client-centric data

Do you know that rising cyber crimes are expected to cost $10.5 trillion per year by 2025? This is why it has become essential for every business – small or big, to implement enhanced security measures and adhere to various security compliances. As you use QuickBooks Pro hosted in a local IT environment, a lack of sufficient security measures can increase the risk of cyber threats and compromise the business data you hold. If you particularly deal with different clients and handle their accounting data, the consequences of data loss can be even more damaging.

If this sounds like a nightmare, you can simply wake up to the call of using QuickBooks Pro hosting to benefit from advanced security benefits. The QuickBooks Pro cloud provider you select invests in standard measures for data security to avert any unexpected cyber attack. There will be multiple layers of security covering your data hosted on a cloud server.

This way, your firm can benefit from keeping your clients happy and satisfied without losing their sensitive business data.

  • Better performance of QuickBooks when hosted on cloud

If you are quite aware of the basics of computational power in a computer system, you know it has RAM, an internal storage device, and a processor in a certain configuration inside the system. Every software you install on the system takes its share of this computing power to function properly. Pertaining to QuickBooks, it means your QB software files will take some space and processing power. If you want to add QuickBooks add-ons, the consumption of this power will grow, depending on the number of add-ons selected.

If your system’s capacity or computing power is getting utilized fully, you may face performance issues. To get things sorted, the solution is to get the system upgraded. If there are ten or twenty systems installed in your workplace, all of them would need to be upgraded.

If you want to benefit from high-performance computing without having to invest heavily in the IT infrastructure, cloud-hosted QuickBooks Pro can be the best option for you. Here, the hired QB hosting provider will buy, manage, and upgrade the server while you only pay for the hosting plan you select. And with better software performance, you can serve your clients in a better way.

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QuickBooks Pro Plus Cloud Server Means Client Satisfaction

These days, every QB user is trying to improve the software access approach and benefit from cloud technology. For both you and your clients, switching to QuickBooks Pro cloud can open a world of opportunities to streamline collaboration and grow together. If you want to zero in on the best cloud hosting provider, go with the one offering high-performance cloud computing backed by SSD-based servers like Ace Cloud Hosting. Why wait to get started? Switch now!

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