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Beach 1 & Beach 2, Olympic National Park

Most visitors cling to the rainforest and mountains — Hoh Rainforest, Hurricane Ridge, Lake Quinault — when they visit Olympic National Park. Those who choose to go to the coast usually visit famous beaches such as Kalaloka, Ruby and Xi Xi. All these places have really earned their reputation and demanded a visit. But for its strip of easy-to-reach sand, which does not require a mile-long trek, pay a visit to Beach 1 and Beach 2 before Kalok when heading north on Highway 101, or Beach 3 and the sea After (but before) Kalalok on Coast 4 Ruby Beach).

Do not confuse them with First, Second and Third Beach near Furks, unless you want to hang around with fans of Rabid Twilight. Look carefully to the right of the road for small pullouts where you can park. Some people can mark which beach you are on, but it is easy to walk past. Short trails through the woods open up to vast expanses of some of the most beautiful parts of the coastline in Washington (and sandier than some of their more famous counterparts). Like any coastal trip, check the tide beforehand, watch for any signs marking overland trails, and watch for the high waves that make tree trunks quite dangerous as they scatter the coastline.

Kolb Canyon and Terrace, Zion National Park

Most visitors to Zion National Park come for natural wonders, as seen by the popular hobby of Angel’s Landing, Narrow and even the lesser-known (as it is very difficult to obtain permits) subway. But if you are not the majority of visitors, consider adding a trip to one of the other areas of the park, the Kolob Valley and the Kolor Terrace. The two areas are completely separate from the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive and offer their own trails and sights.

Many of the trails in the northern area of the park are considered jungle and require permits and require group-size restrictions, however, the Timber Creek Overlay Trail is a short walk away from the Kolhan Canyon Road with a grand view Easy, quick stroll. (No restriction). The Middle Fork of the Taylor Creek Trail is a popular route in the area, but you can explore further and, day in and day out, make the North fork (if combined with the Middle Fork about nine miles) or smaller, by “Finger Cannon “Can see the south fork (two miles) of the Taylor Creek route.

The Kolob Terrace Road, which cuts through the Lower and Upper Kolob Plateau, is an uncontrolled, leisurely drive that you can take outside the main valley. This is where the infamous “subway” is located; The trail is officially named the Left Fork of North Creek and the top to bottom path is Russell Gulch. However, the area has other low-tech and easy-to-access hikes such as the Hop Valley Trail, the Grapevine Trail, and the Northgate Peaks Trail.

Bradley Lake, Grand Teton National Park

Luckily for visitors to the Grand Teton, Grand Teton National Park sits under Yellowstone, reducing the number of people who actually stop. Head for Bradley Lake, leading to the iconic Teton scenery for a relatively flat hike. You can choose to start at the Lupine Meadows Trailhead or Taggart Lake Trailhead. From either footpath, there are many paths that divert the path, so it is easy to get lost.

From the Taggart Lake trailhead, you can make it in a loop hike of about six miles or go a little further to see the path of the Avalanche Valley. Unchecked on the maps, enough people travel the trail that it is quite noticeable, sometimes parts of the road are blocked off despite debris from avalanches. Watch for the trail on the northern shore of Lake Taggart. As you bucking the valley, Cairns marks the path that eventually leads to Tminah lake. However, if you have made it this far, you have (hopefully) planned for an overnight trip and endured the canisters – this is Khaki country, after all.

Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park

Away from this road (the main highway through Glacier National Park) you can find one of the most remote parts of the park: Bowman Lake.

Use the spot as a launching point for day hikes such as the Numa Ridge Lookout Trail, which leads to the fire watch cabin and offers views of many area peaks and lakes. Or simply use the off-the-beaten-path space as an excuse to beat the outside.

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