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Europe’s continent is known for its rich history, culture, mountains, valleys, beaches, and more to enjoy nature. However, the greatest myth is that “I cannot travel to Europe, it’s costly.” We are here to break this myth and help you see the reality. Many countries in Europe are budget-friendly for Indians. You can enjoy beautiful countries, and yet you need not worry about your budget. In this blog, we have picked eight cheapest countries you can plan to travel next time.  

1. Prague, Czech Republic

The historically rich country like the Czech Republic, is one of the most favored European countries. Among many cities, we have picked Prague situated on the banks of Vltava River. The main attraction is Prague Castle dated back to the 1350s, impressive city architecture, and the very famous Charles Bridge. Prague is a fantastic destination for backpackers because of cheap accommodation and food. You can take a city tour on foot. Try different cuisines from various food trucks and save more on your trip. With extra saving and beautiful scenes around, you cannot be happier than this.

2. Porto, Portugal

The city of well-know ancient travelers, Portugal, is one of the favorite destinations for backpackers in Europe. The language might be a barrier, but the culture, history, food, and natural beauty are enough to break any barrier for travelers. A destination is also an excellent option for vegetarian Indians. The coast of Rio Douro is one of the famous attractions. So, for the best picturesque in Europe, you can visit Porto.  The city is also world-famous for the superior quality of port wine.

3. Berlin, Germany

Germany is a famous hub for students, but it is also one of the favorite destinations for budget traveling. The art gallery, museum, and nightlife of the city of Berlin is most refreshing. There are plenty of landmarks that are known as touristy places. It is also then a haven for vegans and vegetarians. It also connects well to various parts of Europe. Accommodation and traveling are quite cheap in Germany. 

4. Budapest, Hungary

If you plan to go for a budget-friendly trip in Europe, Hungary is one of the best picks. The city of Budapest is very tourist-friendly and cheap at the same time. You can visit the spa, relax near the city fountain, enjoy at lounges and roam around the beautiful city. You cannot miss exploring the castle hill. Every corner of the town is perfect for clicking photos and updating your Instagram account.  Take your favorite brew and sit and enjoy the magnificent view of Danube River.

5. Bansko Bulgaria

Another budget-friendly city is Bansko in Bulgaria. It is the country in Eastern Europe. The place is a hub for people who love adventure. You can go for mountain trekking on the Pirin mountain range, ski in the snow-covered mountains, and enjoy Europe’s beauty. If you plan to visit Bulgaria, you can browse the Europe travel package and book your ticket from the website of MakeMyTrip. You can avail of a hefty discount by using MakeMyTrip Coupon Code. This trip will be one of the best tours in Europe if you travel in summer.

6. Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia is undoubtedly one of the most lively countries in Europe. You might have seen its breathtaking views of Croatia in the Bollywood movie “Tamasha.” The fantastic white building and the expression of natural scenes make it the best site for photo-shoot or just nature admiration. The city of Zagreb in Croatia is no different. It offers visitors to enjoy the cafes, galleries, architecture of the 1600s, museums, and many more.  The accommodation and traveling are quite cheap, and even the daily expenses are not hefty in your pocket.

7. Athens, Greece

Athens is a place of world importance where the idea of democracy germinated. The city has so much to offer to visitors. You can walk through the ancient prime hub of philosophy, theater, and ideologies and yet see the modern architecture and admire the convergence of both. You can take an on a foot tour of the ancient acropolis’ ruins and enjoy the art galleries of Metaxourgeio. 

8. Gdansk, Poland

Poland is another country rich in history, culture, and the environment.  It is enriched with beautiful lakes, mountains and beautiful forests. You can enjoy the Polish cuisines like bigos, jam-filled doughnuts, poppy seed cake and many more which comes under your low budget.  You can enjoy the music festival as well. So, plan to visit Poland for your next trip.


Europe is a beautiful continent blessed with long stretched pastures, vineyards, snow-covered mountains, and clear rivers. The countries we have listed in this blog are the cheapest country in Europe. Majorly Europe offers inter-country and intercity trail passes that help travelers move from one place to another in a low budget. Therefore, we suggest you pack your bag to get your visa and tickets and go on the trip, which will come out to be most memorable. 

By Anurag Rathod

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