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Attestation services in the UAE possess the necessary training and credentials to handle document attestation. They specialise in verifying documents from government institutions and government-supported organisations so that they can be used in the UAE or other jurisdictions. Attestation firms in the UAE offer services such as notary, home department, ministry of foreign affairs, and embassy attestation. These firms handle all attestation-related needs, such as certificate attestation for work permits, student permits, and family visas in the UAE.

Here are the top eight attestation firms in the UAE:

Astute Attestation

Astute Attestation isĀ  a renowned and dependable document attestation agency in the UAE, offers attestation services in the UAE. Their team specialises in exceptional educational document attestation, which is required for further education, employment, and other legal objectives. Astute Attestation ensures that all non-educational documents are correctly reviewed and provides authentication services for a wide range of non-educational documents. They also assist with the authentication of commercial documents required to start a corporation or conduct business in the UAE. With skilled professionals specialising in marriage certificate attestation, Astute assures that the process is carried out correctly. They offer quick and dependable birth certificate attestation services in the UAE, emphasising speed and cost-effectiveness. Astute also provides secure and timely Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation services throughout the UAE, owing to their skilled team.

Amazon Attestation

Mastering the complexity of official document attestation, especially for international standards, can be difficult. Clients can find reassurance with Amazon Attestation and Businessmen Services Centre, which provides impeccable attestation services for a variety of nations in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Oceania. Amazon Attestation ensures that documents are properly legalised and validated by the UAE government, and it covers a wide range of documents such as educational certificates, business paperwork, and personal documents. The organisation simplifies the complex process of document attestation, giving clients a stress-free experience. Their services include legal translation, work in Europe services, business setup support, typing services, passport renewal, trade license processing, DHA MOH medical typing, and more.


Amer Centre Al Qouz Mall is a complete partner for certificate attestation in Dubai, providing prompt, dependable, and genuine services. They specialise in a wide range of attestation services for educational certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other documents, always placing their clients’s needs first. Their Certificate Attestation in Dubai service includes all necessary processes for validating and authenticating certificates successfully. Clients can be confident that Amer Centre Al Qouz Mall’s certificate attestation services in Dubai will provide them with excellent service. The centre handles document-related visa application demands, including the efficient authentication of birth certificates, marriage certificates, and educational certificates. In addition to certificate attestation, their services include Amer services, Emirates ID application aid, business setup services, and visit and tourist visa services, among others.

IVS Global

IVS Global Services is committed to using cutting-edge technology to provide the best solutions to its customers. IVS Global Services, a global outsourcing and technology services company that serves diplomatic missions and governments throughout the world, has been tasked by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India, with managing the collection of documents for attestation and apostille. IVS Global accepts papers from people and representatives on behalf of the MEA and streamlines the Attestation and Apostille procedure, resulting in speedy and 100% genuine MEA attestation. 

In addition to their main services of MEA attestation and apostille, IVS Global provides a comprehensive suite of additional services designed to streamline the entire attestation and apostille process. These include translation services, state attestation services, and others. Their diverse portfolio includes MEA attestation, UAE attestation, State HRD authentication, State Home Department authentication, embassy legislation, foreign language translation, visa help, and other relevant services.

Pec Attestation 

Attestation services involve gaining approval from a variety of government officials, including those from the embassy, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), state governments, and notary offices. Following verification, authorities issue a stamp as proof of document certification. There are three types of documents that require authentication: personal, educational, and commercial. PEC is made up of skilled individuals who understand the subtleties of document attestation services. PEC provides authentication services for all types of personal papers, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, and Police Clearance Certificates (PCC), as well as educational documents like mark sheets, degree certificates, and school leaving certificates. PEC also provides authentication services for commercial documents such as memoranda of association, board decisions, and certificates of incorporation.

PEC is regarded as one of the best certificate attestation services in Dubai. With over six years of expertise, PEC has continually maintained high service standards to ensure client satisfaction. Their services include apostille as well as attestation services from the Embassy, MEA, HRD, Mantralaya, SDM, GAD, Chamber of Commerce, Notary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Norka attestation, and translation.

Attestation Services in Dubai

Attestation Services in Dubai was founded to simplify migration and relocation processes by focusing on customer preferences, convenience, and requirements. Since its founding, the organisation has sought to build, model, and implement attestation services that simplify international endeavours for its clients. The company’s success can be seen in the testimonials of thousands of satisfied customers, who highlight its effortless execution of an otherwise time-consuming process. 

The majority of the company’s orders are gained from referrals from satisfied customers, demonstrating its commitment to customer happiness. Attestation Services in Dubai handles the entire procedure, including notarization, legalisation, embassy attestation, and more. To ensure the safe delivery of certificates to customers in other countries, the company has formed partnerships with renowned courier providers. As a government-authorised agent, Attestation Services in Dubai operates without the use of middlemen or brokers for document submission or collection. The company works directly with the authorities through a team of competent executives.

Tafsir Attestation Services

TAFSIR, or exegesis, is the ultimate solution for all your documentation requirements. The organisation provides reliable and excellent services for both educational and non-educational documents. With a competent global workforce always available, TAFSIR guarantees rapid service at your door. TAFSIR serves clients from all over the world, including India, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Philippines, Pakistan, the United States, South Africa, and Canada. With over a decade of expertise and the trust of pleased customers, it is a well-known name in the field of attestation services. 

TAFSIR takes joy in offering a wide range of documentation services with high accuracy and efficiency in the lowest possible time frame. The organisation is dedicated to providing loyal and cost-effective solutions to its clients’ needs. TAFSIR’s services include attestation of educational certificates, personal documents, and commercial documents, as well as MOFA attestation, power of attorney services, HRD services, home department attestation, international attestations, PRO services, local sponsorship assistance, Tas-heel services, and more.

Alankit Group is an industry leader and well-institutionalised organisation with more than 20 years of expertise in vital sectors such as financial services, e-government, healthcare, and insurance broking. Under the leadership of visionary entrepreneur Mr. Ankit Agrawal, the group has achieved consistent success and built a prominent position in the sector, with broad networks throughout India. Alankit Group, which has over 21 million customers, is expanding its reach to the UAE market to compete on a worldwide scale. Alankit Management Consultancy, led by a team of experienced individuals, displays exceptional management skills.

With over 17 years of expertise in the UAE market, Alankit Company has established itself as a regional leader by leveraging its extensive industry exposure. In the UAE, the company offers a wide range of services, including e-Governance PAN Card services (new PAN card/PAN correction/minor/OCI national company), National Pension Scheme (NPS), Attestation of Documents, Demat & Trading, Management Consultancy Services, VAT Services (Registration, Filling, and De-Registration), Accounting, Book-Keeping, and Audit Services, Taxation Financial Planning, Power of Attorney Attestation Services, and NRI Taxation (Income Tax Return).


To summarise, when it comes to attestation services in the UAE, various respectable firms provide dependable and effective services to both individuals and corporations. The top eight attestation firms featured in this blog have established themselves as industry leaders, offering a diverse range of attestation services for a variety of documents. Whether attesting personal documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates, educational certificates, or business documents such as company registration paperwork, these agencies ensure that the process is performed correctly and quickly. Individuals and organisations may rely on these agencies’ competence and experience to manage the difficulties of document attestation with ease, ensuring that their foreign endeavours go smoothly and without incident.

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