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Astonishing Handmade Birthday Gift Opinions

Astonishing Handmade Birthday Gift Opinions

Reaching 30 years is a milestone that calls for a big celebration. But, you don’t need to spend on expensive gifts tight for your budget. The best option is to be creative and craft unique items. Come up with something that highlights the theme of marking a new decade. If you don’t have anything in mind, check this list for some fantastic 30th birthday celebration ideas! 

Write a poem

Since most people dislike aging, you can cheer the person up with a sentimental poem. Console and reassure them about great things to expect in their 30s. Or, make fun of the situation and poke them. Add historical references or remarkable things that happened in their year of birth. Talk about the movies, famous songs that rocked the chart, or scientific breakthroughs.

Customized Handmade card

Get the necessary materials, and put your Art & Craft lessons to use. You may use manila papers, sugar papers, etc, to draw a nice picture of anything and capture a nice message. You can come up with your own words, write a warm quote or verse. If Art is not your thing, try creating a printable birthday card on your computer in PDF format.  Use 30th themed wrapping paper. to go with it.

Personalized 30th birthday poster

Your loved one will love the fact that you took the time to create a poster about them. Remember to keep 3-0 as the central theme. Include anything interesting in the poster.  Show your loved one how you appreciate their achievements in the years that have gone by.

Homemade body scrub

As age catches up, the skin ..and we begin to lose our youthfulness. That’s the main reason why some people fear hitting 30 because it signifies maturity. A homemade body scrub makes a perfect gift. It will be a reminder that they should now start taking care of wrinkles and marks.

Handmade smellies

Take tuition from YouTube videos. Read blogs or books that offer step to step guide on how to make body salts and bath salts at home. The process isn’t complicated. get the required materials from your local store and give it a shot. Whoever you are making it for will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Create a Notebook or Journal

Rather than spend money buying a new diary, use available materials to create one. You may need paper and thread. Bind some pages together for a unique journal.

A photo album or video

Here’s another awesome idea; create a DIY photo album with memorable photographs. get a collection of pictures from when they were very young.  To spice things up, compile a video highlighting how they marked special occasions. A photo collage is a perfect reminder of how far they have come. They’ll be happy to see their photos on display in a table decoration or poster.

If you have shot a video of them doing something in the past, compile the clips to come up with one touching video. A good thing about these 30th birthday celebration ideas is they can watch it over and over again later on. They’ll always remember this day in the future whenever they come across the photo album or video.

Selection box

There is nothing wrong with buying a luxurious gift for your friend or relative. You can buy them worthy items such as a nice bottle of wine, coffee mug, T-Shirt, or jewelry. Go ahead and personalize it by creating a handmade box. Furnish it well and include anything symbolic of the number 30. Someone should be able to tell the purpose of the gift by looking at it.

Origami Decor

You don’t have to be a talented artist to come up with beautiful handmade paper backgrounds. Make beautiful gifts consisting of dresses, flowers, or birds. Attach them as part of hanging wallpaper or photo frame. If you had a card or box, attach the artwork on top of it for a fantastic presentation.

Instagram Calendar

Select their best photos and create a calendar or canvas about them. Such a gift is not only great looking, but it is something memorable that they’ll cherish forever.


Personalize glasses by decorating them on the outside using specialized pens. Other than writing 30, can play with various designs or words. That’s the perfect example of thinking outside the box.

Other handmade gifts to consider include:

  • Coasters
  • Bookmarks
  • Memo boards
  • Key rings 
  • Table case
  • Emoji balloons 


Turning 30 is special. Consider sending your loved one a heartfelt message, quote, or gift that they’ll cherish forever. Investing in these handmade gifts saves money. You’ll also have fun while at it.

Anyone that receives a handmade gift loves it more because they know you went the extra mile to make them happy. If you know someone that’s about to celebrate their birthday, surprise them with these astonishing 30th birthday celebration ideas!

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