angular 9 vs angular 10

A growing buzz for web and software services have pushed many brands to enhance their digital reputation. With the demand for faster, easier, better front-end user experience web apps, all leading companies are looking for a better platform and framework to develop their apps.

Since its inception, Angular has been the most prominent platform for building single-page client applications using HTML and Typescript. Because of the seamless features it possesses, it has made the overall development process simplified. Hence it is obvious why several angular JS web development companies keep it as the preferred framework for web app development.

In this comprehensive draft, we will be comparing the latest angular 10 and angular 9 versions and its features.

Comparison between Angular 9 and Angular 10

Angular has been a prominent platform and framework for developing dynamic web apps. It is used in development processes where high productivity and faster solutions are required. It has revolutionised the web app development process that developers look forward to newer features and versions.

Let’s begin by divulging into the features of Angular 9 and Angular 10.

Features of Angular 9


Default compiler: Ivy Renderer
API extractor updates
Better debugging features
Typescript 3.7
Creates faster mobile apps
  • In Angular 8 version, the Ivy renderer was already available for use, but as an opt-in. With Ivy as the default compiler in the Angular 9 version, developers can take full benefits in their web development process.

With Ivy compiler, the benefits are:

  • Decreased bundle sizes, which aids in creating apps with a better front end-user experience
  • Faster testing and identification of bugs ahead of the development procedure
  • Identifies any issues with bindings inside the application layout
  • Higher performance
  • In Angular 9, the location of any missing updates of the libraries and services it relies on can be easily located. It is tracked using Bazel, and any missing updates are easily conveyed. Thus API Extractor updates and processes are simplified in this version
  • Developing an error-free code is a meticulous task for even a skilled developer. The Angular 9 features include unique tools that can debug its applications
  • The release of Typescript 3.7 in November 2019 gave a significant push to Angular 9. It is designed to work with Typescript 3.6 and typescript 3.7. It also supports more descriptive error message by allowing the usage of same Typescript Diagnostics format
  • With reduced bundle sizes by incorporating Ivy as the default compiler, the Angular 9 creates faster mobile apps

Other features of Angular 9 include:

  • Better type checking
  • Better build time
  • Bug fixes that were causing hurdles in the previous versions

Features of Angular 10


Language service specific compiler
New configuration for the default browser
Improvements in performance
Typescript 3.9
Supports merging of multiple translational documents  
  • The language service-specific compiler allows multiple type check files by using the project interface
  • The browser configuration has been updated to surpass the lesser and outdated browser versions.
  • Performance of Angular 10 has been improved compared to its previous versions. It has been achieved by reducing the size of the entry point. In the earlier version too there was no processing at the entry point. However, the NGCC was observed to parse the files to calculate the dependencies. This led to the creation of large modules and was time-consuming
  • Compared to its previous versions, the Angular 10 supports Typescript 3.9. The new version of Typescript is better on performance and stability
  • The best feature of Angular 10 is that it supports localisation. It allows a client to keep more documents in the local. The translations of each of the document can be merged through a single message through message IDs

Why Angular 10?

With better error checking features, improved productivity and editing experience, the new angular 10 version stands ahead of its counterpart Angular 9.

Why should you collaborate with a good Angularjs web development company?

With the digital competition among brands reaching new heights, the brand value lies in the flexibility of web apps. Customers opt for apps with a more seamless and front end-user experience. With Angular emerging as the pioneer for the development of flexible, feature-rich and highly productive platforms, clients incline more towards it.

Thus one needs to collaborate with an expert who has the technical expertise for creating a reliable and responsive angular application.

By collaborating with a good Angularjs Web development company, every brand receives benefits of:

  • Seasoned experts of the field
  • Web applications that direct target audience
  • Responsive web apps
  • Error-free apps achieved through rigorous rounds of testing

Thus for cost-effective, dynamic and quality work, collaboration with an expert Angularjs web development company can prove fruitful for any brand.

By Anurag Rathod

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