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New York is a fictional target for wedding trips, away from family, and frequent visits. New York culture is prized, and many projects and workplaces have been built to advance and protect New York culture. If you are ready to travel to New York City, head to JetBlue Airlines Reservations and find great deals for your flight tickets!

This infinite stigma of activity can be overwhelming, especially for first-time. When deciding which places to visit in New York, one-sight-seeing per day should be planned; Then save time to wander the city’s diverse and unique neighborhoods. As every local and frequent visitor knows, the easiest way to slip into the dream state known as the “New York State of Mind” is simply to walk one dense charming block after another.

Best places to visit in New York

Here is your guide to the most essential places to visit in New York City. Note that you can save money by purchasing CityPASS, which offers discounted entry to select New York attractions – many of which are listed below.

 Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

In a city full of iconic landmarks, no place embodies the spirit of a great melting pot like Ellis Island. Between 1892 and 1954, the island at the southern tip of Manhattan in New York Harbor entered the United States for more than 12 million immigrants hoping to make their living. Through passenger records, interviewing arrivals and displaying clothing and accessories, visitors gain a deeply personal view on those who entered the Great Hall and the hardships they faced.

The combo ticket is the best deal and includes a round-trip ferry ride to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, with entry and an audio tour of the Ellis Island Immigrant Museum. Tickets for Lady Liberty’s grounds and crowns may be reserved separately; Keep in mind that the journey to the top includes more than 400 stages.

Central Park

With cameo roles in over 350 films, America’s first public park is embedded in our collective consciousness, yet the experience of Central Park in person is always awe-inspiring. It is the largest 843-acre tranquil place to visit in New York City.

Visit the Great Lawn or Sheep Meadow to watch a New Yorker, throw Frisbees and soak up the sun. Rent a bike or go for a run in mixed areas with hills, flats, and milestones that inspire activity. Rent a paddleboat at Loeb Boathouse or go fishing in Harlem Mir. In winter, take to the ice at the Woolman rink.

Hudson river park

The population of the city is as diverse as active and leisure pursuit. Golfers take a swing at Chelsea Pierce’s driving range with a view. Water lovers sail from paddle, kayak, and many ghat-side organizations. The circus-wannabes learn to fly at the Trapeze School in New York. Bicyclists soak up the river view four miles (and furthermore, through a connector for Riverside Park at the northern end). And, of course, you can just sit on a park bench or lay in the grass to watch the permanent motion in the city.

Museum Mile

Whether your taste is contemporary or classic, history or design-leaning, it is one of the essential places to visit in New York City.

Experience the boundary-pushing modern works illuminated by the dramatic backdrop of the Guggenheim Museum, a masterpiece of architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright. Explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art, America’s largest art museum, comprising five millennia with over five million works, including the Stellar European Masters and Islamic Art Collections.

Empire State Building or Top of the Rock

New York’s two iconic attractions offer bird’s eye view of the city’s spectacular horizons and dense urban vents. The queues to get to the Empire State Building can be long, so snag a VIP Express pass to fast-track to the 86th- and 102nd-floor observation decks. For an over-the-New York sightseeing experience, reserve a sunrise ticket (only 100 passes are given each day).

Brooklyn bridge

For a quintessential New York experience, join the flow of traffic gliding along an elevated walkway on one of the world’s most famous bridges. Since 1883, the Steel Suspension Bridge – an engineering marvel – has risen above the East River, connecting lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. Every day, a rash of cars, bicycles, and feet spread out 6,000 feet to Lady Liberty, along with unmatched views of the city.

High line

NYC’s evolutionary nature is embodied in this abandoned goods railway line that has been transformed into one of the city’s most loved parks. The highways that run above and along the West Side streets, along with industrial and residential buildings, now serve as a dramatic setting for self-seeded gardens and lush green landscaping. Works of art, including site-specific sculptures, benches made from repurposed materials, and eye-popping murals that add visual interest with every stretch of the nearly 1.5-mile stretch.

The balance of natural beauty and urban fortitude is in perfect harmony, and the Hudson River views are hard to beat. While you’re here, don’t miss other major places to visit in New York, including Chelsea Market and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

By Anurag Rathod

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