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Pinterest is a visual discovery engine that allows you to find creative ideas like home and style inspiration, food recipes, and much more. It is a hub of ideas and creativity where one can find all kinds of content available in the image as well as video format. In addition, Pinterest is a social media platform where you can visually share and discover new interests by posting new videos and images on your board and pinning images and videos of other boards. This platform is suitable for every category person and offers you to find and get content from like-minded people. Moreover, it allows you to pin its content and save it in your Pinterest account for the next time you want to view the content.

The only drawback Pinterest holds is not allowing you, its users, to download the content for offline view. However, when you want to save image content, you have the option to screenshot the image and keep it on your device, mobile phone, or desktop. But the same option doesn’t apply to the video content, and you don’t have the choice to screenshot a video. Thus, you, the user of the Pinterest platform, are restricted to move further if you wish to download and video and share it offline mode.

Do You Have The Option To Download Pinterest’s Online Videos On Your Device?

Every person using Pinterest wishes to download one or the other video present on Pinterest on the device in offline mode but cannot do the same due to Pinterest’s restriction. However, there are many Pinterest video downloader, like Keepflick, present online to help you download Pinterest videos on your phone. Some Pinterest video downloaders are present in the website format, while others are present in the mobile application format to help the Pinterest users solve their biggest problem.

However, not all Pinterest video downloader’s websites are a good choice for you to download online videos as some are slow, some have complex access, and some ask for premium plans or subscription charges. Thus, it would be best for you to choose a reliable Pinterest video downloader, one like Keepflick before you move forward with downloading online videos from Pinterest.

Why Choose Keepflick To Download Online Videos From Pinterest?

As we discussed above, the majority of the Pinterest video downloaders present online are either slow or ask for the subscription charge before allowing you to download a Pinterest video. Moreover, some websites allow you to download limited videos in a day or ask you to get a plan after a few downloads. However, with Keepflick, a Pinterest video downloader website, you have nothing to worry about. Some of the salient features of Keepflick, an online Pinterest video downloader tool, are:

  • Keepflick is easy to access, i.e., you don’t have to surf the whole website to find the option from where you can download the Pinterest videos.
  • Keepflick is free for every user. With Keepflick, an online Pinterest video downloader, you are free to use it for as many Pinterest videos you wish to download without paying a penny.
  • Keepflick never asks you to subscribe to its newsletter before allowing you to download any Pinterest video. Moreover, it has no limitation on the number of videos to download in a day and thus allows you to download as many videos as you desire every day.
  • Keepflick is designed to download videos on all types of devices, mobile phones, tablets, desktops, or laptops. Also, Keepflock is suitable for downloading videos with the link copied from Pinterest’s mobile application.

How To Download Pinterest Video With Keepflick?

Now that you know about the salient features of Keepflick, you will definitely have a good amount of videos already pinned on our Pinterest account, which you wish to download. Thus, we have discussed here how you can download the Pinterest videos with Keepflick.

Steps To Download Videos On Your Device With Keepflick

A regular Pinterest user generally uses the Pinterest application on his mobile phone and desires to download the Pinterest video on their phone. However, some users want to download online videos on their desktops. Thus, Keepflick allows its users to download online videos of Pinterest from Keepflick by following these steps on any device:

  • Open the Pinterest application on your phone or Pinterest web on your desktop, and browse down to find the video you wish to download.
  • After selecting the video to download, choose the arrow facing up icon present on the bottom of the mobile’s screen and then select Copy Link from there. For desktop users, copy the video’s link from the search bar.
  • The link is copied on the clipboard. Now close the Pinterest application or Pinterest web, search for on the preferred web browser and open the website.
  • Paste the copied link in the box that pops up with the quote, Paste the URL, and then hit download.
  • The final step is to click on the three-dots present at the bottom of the page and then again hit download. Hence the video is downloaded on your device.


Keepflick is an easily accessible Pinterest video downloader tool that allows you an enormous amount of Pinterest videos without any cost. If you want to download any other social media platforms’ video, visit and download it seamlessly.

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