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What Are Ebooks?

In our digitally advanced era, almost everything has gone digital so have books. Short for electronic books, eBooks are just like books, except they are in a digital form. According to Google, eBooks are “an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device.” You can use a computer, smartphone, or tablet to read an eBook. There are a few characteristics that determine whether a file is an eBook or not. To begin with, the text of an eBook cannot be edited. Since thousands of people have access to eBooks on digital devices, the eBook needs to be converted into a format that bars anyone apart from the author from changing any content of the book.

Another characteristic that sets eBooks apart from the rest is that the document is reflowable instead of a fixed layout. This is an important characteristic for eBooks to have so readers can use different digital devices to read the eBook. When an eBook is reflowable, it can smoothly fit into any screen size it is being used to view. The format, chapters, and pictures included in the eBook will resize to fit the proportions of the digital device the reader is using. The only exceptions are PDFs. While PDFs cannot be edited, they can’t reflow to the size of different devices either. But since downloading and distributing PDFs is easier than official eBooks, many businesses opt for this option.

Benefits of eBooks

Save Space

Few people have enough space to turn their office space or living rooms into libraries. But the majority of book lovers don’t have the extra space to store all the books they want to read or have read. This is why eBooks have proven to be beneficial, and booklovers can now access thousands of books just with a few touches on a screen. An e-Reader is a device specially designed for reading eBooks, documents, and newspapers. An e-Reader can store up to 6,000 eBooks, depending on its storage. Other digital devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have the same capacity to store thousands of eBooks. With eBooks, book lovers don’t need to worry about making space for new books to store around their house.

Save Money

This is an attractive benefit for many, and we are all trying to save some money here and there. In comparison to paperback books, eBooks are significantly cheaper. Since eBooks are completely digital, there are no manufacturing or shipping costs. While a paperback can cost you at least $10, eBooks will cost less than $5. If you are a booklover, who can’t seem to hold back when it comes to buying books, you know the difference between the costs of two is significant.

Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that 16 million tons of paper are used each year by the book-printing industry? Sixteen million tons means 32 million trees. Just let that sink in. The factories where paperback and hardcover books are manufactured and printed release a significantly harmful amount of pollution into the air, leaving a massive carbon footprint. EBooks are great for the environment and air pollution.

Convenient and Portable

People are always on the lookout for a way to make things easier and more accessible for them. EBooks are just that, and they are easy to carry and use anywhere you want. Especially if you own an e-reader, it’s like carrying a library around that you can browse with your fingertips.

Ebook Writing & Publishing Services for Your Business

Provides Customers with Valuable Insight

By availing of eBook writing & publishing services from a reliable book writing services agency, such as Book Writing Experts, you can efficiently covey the values and beliefs that keep your company running. Business owners usually lack the time or skills to write a book about their business, but it is a great way to grow a business. Especially when you hire a professional book writing service provider, you can get high-quality content that can deliver what you have been meaning to share with the world. By sharing your experience as a business owner through an easily accessible eBook, you can help small business owners that are struggling to launch their business to success.

Timeless Source of Information

You can utilize your eBook for a long time. You can share it with people to inform them about your business or educate them on the topic your eBook is based on. Book writing services providers have teams of experienced writers that specialize in writing about various industries. You can use this to your advantage and provide other people in your industry with valuable information. Different news channels, websites, and bloggers can use this information for their content and credit you as a trusted source.

Generate More Leads

EBooks are a great way to generate more leads. Whether you offer your eBook as a free gift, your business will gain something in return. Various businesses offer their eBooks for free when you sign up for their email and newsletter. This is a beneficial way to generate leads, as you will gain new customers and provide them with valuable knowledge related to your business or industry for free. Email marketing has proved to be one of the most valued tools to increase customer engagement.

Authority and Expertise

A well-written eBook can become an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert and build up your authority. For this, you need high-quality content and writing, which you can avail of through a leading book writing service provider. Book Writing Experts have established their position as a trusted and reliable book writing company. They offer a wide range of services at affordable prices, which include eBook writing and publishing services. Without breaking your bank, you can have a resourceful and articulate source of information in the form of your eBook.

Useful for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Your eBook can serve as a foundation for your business’s content marketing strategy. Statistics have shown that companies that have prioritized and worked on their content marketing strategy have gained 3x more leads in comparison to traditional marketing. Many book writing service providers that offer eBook writing & publishing services also offer content writing services. Their team, who has already worked on the creation of your eBook, will have greater knowledge to provide impeccable content for your business’s content marketing strategy.

Save Your Resources

When you opt for eBook writing & publishing services, you do plenty to save your own time and resources. In addition to that, eBooks are the perfect way to go green instead of spending a hefty amount of money on traditional printing. As a business, you take strides towards being sustainable and environmentally friendly with eBooks.

Industry-Leading Book Writing Service Provider

Book Writing Experts offer a wide range of services that include ghostwriting, editing, publishing, eBook writing, blog writing, and much more. For affordable prices, they provide a team of professional and experienced writers that have a vast knowledge of your industry. Using their experience and skills, Book Writing Experts’ writers can produce high-quality content for your eBook.

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