glass display cases

Glass display cabinets are nowadays very common in retail stores and homes as a showcase and that too for a good reason. In such kind of shelving, there are several benefits to employers, employees and customers as these cabinets are designed to enhance the overall retail experience. Here are a few reasons why glass display cases are used in many commercial establishments.

  • The selling of products becomes easy and effective.
  • It creates a sophisticated and organized atmosphere.
  • Maintenance becomes easier.
  • The best part about using a glass display cabinet is that they provide a secure and hassle-free shopping experience to customers.

All of these benefits make glass display cases a good investment for any retail shop interior design.

Acrylic Display cabinet

Whether there is an exhibition, retail outlet or any business premises, acrylic display cabinet creates a long-lasting impression on the minds of onlookers. There are great advantages of using Acrylic display. Let us throw some light on its benefits as well.

  1. It has great strength, durability and longevity. It can hold heavyweight to a great extend.
  2. Acrylic display is inexpensive, unlike glass or wood. They are also cost-effective.
  3. Maintenance is easy.
  4. It provides a clear view of products kept inside, giving hassle-free shopping experience to customers.

Acrylic vs Glass Display Cases

Like any other display cabinets, both glass and acrylic cabinets have pros and cons. Although, we have discussed only benefits here. But when the question arises as to which one is better, the reply is that the Acrylic is a fantastic and ideal choice for a majority of cases. Let’s dig deeper into how acrylic display cases are better than those made of glass.

  • Acrylic is clearer than glass cases 

Acrylic has better visual clarity than glass as it is more transparent than glass. This makes it more reflective, Glass also has a slightly green tint to it which alters the view of products slightly.

  • Acrylic is safe and does not damage the products kept inside

Most glasses if shattered can injure people as well as damage the products kept inside. Whereas, acrylic in the worst-case scenario will crack and not shatter, hence are less likely to cause damage.

  • Acrylic is stronger

Acrylic is a plastic material that is designed to withstand harsh impacts without breaking and acrylic display units have a heavy load-bearing capacity. 

  • The weight of Acrylic is lighter than glass

Since it is plastic, it is light in weight due to which it has several advantages. Such as easy to set up, easy to transport and are flexible hence is ideal for temporary display and easier to wall mount.

  • Acrylic is also cheaper than glass

Acrylic being lightweight is less expensive than glass cabinet.
However, choosing between a glass display or acrylic depends upon how it will be used or what the buyer prefers as display cabinet have different purposes. Glass Cabinets Direct is the UK based store where you can find different types of high-quality display cabinets, specially crafted for you as per your needs. Do not forget to browse their premium quality products.

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