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To many, influencer marketing used to appear to be nothing more than a fad a few years ago. But look around you today. Every social media platform is flooded with influencers of all types, and more are being added each day. Already, several brands are aggressively using influencer marketing in their digital marketing strategy and are enjoying profits like never before.

Here are five major advantages that such brands already savour and it’s time every other brand should also involve influencer marketing in their social media marketing strategy.

  • An influencer can promote you to more fresh eyeballs

If you already own a brand page or social media profile, you will agree with the fact that it’s very rare to get engagement from a fresh audience unless you are running ads or using some other marketing technique.

But on the other hand, influencer accounts get new followers, likes, or comments, and in fact, hundreds of them each day. This happens because of the difference in content, and a brand cannot start posting such content on their profiles to gain an audience.

Hence, influencers are the best source to reach new audiences through promotions and eventually increase business.

  • An influencer can pass trust and authority easily

Most followers of a celebrity or public figure love to imitate what their idols do, and if their idol is promoting your product or service, it would create a sense of trust. Moreover, a perception of authority passes from the influencer to your brand.

This could lead to tier-2 lead generation, if not Tier-1 at the moment, as people have their own network and humans are known to buy recommendations easily. You can also start digital marketing in Jaipur and win at it easily if you have the basic understanding of such concepts.

  • Engaging visual content drives extra leads and conversion

Using infographics or video content for marketing does not just make it attractive, but also gives you a better opportunity to manipulate your audience. An influencer can make faces in their videos to ask their audience for leads or show visual results of some product rather than just talking about it through text.

Researchers say that visuals leave longer-lasting impressions on human brains than textual content. This means that not only can you convey the message effectively, but it is also going to last a long time in people’s minds, which means more possibility of business, at some point in the future, if not immediately.

  • Retain long term influencer relationships for extra benefits

Influencers don’t promote your products for free. They also come at some cost, and each marketing campaign is going to have its own demands and an unfixed price. Maintaining long term relationships with your best talent can get you discounts on future campaigns, which is also a benefit in itself.

Another advantage that you will experience is that when you hire the same influencers to market your products, it appears much more genuine to people instead of hiring a new influencer every time. This is the major reason why brands make brand ambassadors.

  • Influencers set trends, and what could be better than being part of one

These days, there’s nothing as impressive as social media trends for all those millennials and Gen Z out there. And influencers are the ones who set these social media trends and could go crazy viral in no time. Now imagine being promoted in these viral trending videos; your business could go skyrocketing simultaneously. You can also learn more such tricks from a social media courses in Jaipur and start running incredible digital marketing campaigns.

If you also want to see your brand or business flourish, influencer marketing can be your magic spell in the current era. Hence, it is suggested to see how your competitors are progressing and work on your digital marketing campaigns smartly.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.