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Ionic is a mobile app development framework prominently used for hybrid and cross-platform mobile applications. It is an open-source platform that came into existence in 2013 with a few pros and cons for app development professionals in India and other countries. But the latest version of the Ionic app development framework is much better because it is loaded with amazing benefits. That’s correct! The recent update in the Ionic framework allows app developers to use multiple user interface frameworks. The most common options in this series are Angular, Vue JS, and React.

The best part is that the Ionic framework supports the amalgamation of both native and web coding languages which is a plus point for app developers in India. This way, it efficiently provides the complete functionality of native apps in different browsers. Mobile app development companies in India use this platform because it can be operated on the WebView interface of mobile platforms. Interestingly, this is not the only benefit that comes with technological utilization. The latest variant of this app development framework is released as Ionic 3 that involves the support of Angular.

Top app developers in India use the Ionic framework to build beautiful designs of mobile apps with a fast and easy user interface. App development professionals in major companies write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes to create hybrid and native mobile apps through Ionic. The prominent reason behind the popularity of the Ionic app development framework is that it transforms the look and feel of a mobile application. Whether it is the issue of typography, app features, essential application elements, or the core theme, Ionic brings feasibility for professionals and users.

Let’s move on to the benefits of the Ionic app development framework to understand why it’s so popular amongst the top mobile app development companies in India these days:

Unbeatable Adaptability

Ionic framework isn’t so hard to learn and work on especially when you are familiar with the basics of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Even amateur app developers with precise knowledge of app development can create amazing android and iOS apps using the Ionic framework. Besides, migrating from native apps to hybrid apps is significantly easy with the development support of Ionic.

Scope for Customized Cross-Platform Development

Developing cross-platform mobile apps on Ionic is fairly simple because it supports both Android 4.1 and iOS 7 along with their upgraded versions. Other than this, it also works effectively on the universal window platform that app development companies in India use for Windows applications. Building hybrid mobile applications and progressive web applications through Ionic is quite easy.

The functionality of AngularJS

The most recent version of the Ionic mobile app development framework is built on Angular JS. It simply concludes the fact that you can experience the convenience of AngularJS functionalities through Ionic app development services. App designers and developers across India and overseas happily use Ionic to create a strong structure of applications supported by the latest features of the Ionic framework.

Accessible User Interface

The user interface is the soul of your mobile application because it decides the module of user-friendliness in your app’s interface. The good thing is that the Ionic framework helps app developers create highly customizable apps using various themes and add-on features.

Performance and Plugins

After user accessibility and AngularJS functionality, performance is also one of the many benefits of the Ionic app development framework. When your user interface is simple, and navigation is quick, it outright boosts the performance of your mobile apps. Even hybrid apps built on native acceleration perform quite impressively with the help of Ionic integration. Moreover, Cordova plugins also elevate the quality of your mobile apps which is another crucial benefit of the Ionic framework.

All in all, Ionic is an impeccable choice for building hybrid and cross-platform mobile applications with easy access to native apps and functionalities of multiple platforms.

By Anurag Rathod

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