Well, it’s 2021 and many economists predict that the next few years could look like a new roaring ’20s for your business. Planning is always important for revising your business strategy.

Over the past few years, I have observed that many business owners and entrepreneurs are busy most of the time and don’t get time to read books and materials to improve their business.

So, podcasts are good alternatives if you are not able to spend time. Podcasts are audio files that you can download and listen to on your smart devices without much thinking. Podcasts can include live shows, interviews, and discussions.

Business podcasts help to build knowledge and skills, but from where you should start? Here’s a look at the 20 favorite podcasts for small business owners that will help you to tackle this year with the inspiration you need.

1.    BizChix

Every woman needs the inspiration to learn and grow their business into a successful venture. Bizchix is hosted by Natalie Eckdahl that helps women in knowing their innate characteristics to get their businesses into tip-top shape.

Every episode will teach about how women work less and make more out of the best possible resources provided.

Episodes you’ll love:

2. Start Yours By Oberlo

Start Yours is an e-commerce podcast by oberlo that focuses on things that are needed to start a business. This Podcast is hosted by David Vranicar that discusses what it’s like to start a business as an entrepreneur.

Frequently asked questions are answered by guests that explain how anyone can build, manage, and scale an online store. The podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and more.

3. Master of Scale

Master of scale is hosted by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn. This podcast features how a business grows from zero to a big-scale venture.

Through this podcast, you meet the famous and most successful entrepreneurs and business managers. The podcast is available on Stitcher.

4) Mind Your Business

The Mind Your Business Podcast is hosted by James Wedmore which emphasizes how you should believe in yourself and have a mindful approach to business.

Through his podcast, he makes you think in a whole new way by keeping us motivated and headed in the right direction with frequent interviews and storytelling sessions with influential people.

Few of my favorite episodes that you might love –

5) Entrepreneurs On Fire  

Entrepreneurs on Fire, hosted by John Lee Dumas is one of the highly successful and leading business podcasts hosted today. In this podcast, he aims to educate and inspire the entrepreneurial journey of the young and enhances their journey by hosting interviews with successful entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, and Tim Ferriss.

Apart from this, the fact that John Lee Dumas releases new episodes every day sets him apart from the rest.

6) How I Built This

How I Built This is an excellent offering by NPR ( National Public Radio) which is hosted by Guy Raz in which he provides listeners with insight into the hardships and challenges faced by the most successful brands we love and the stories that made them who they are.

Raz aims not on tips and tactics but instead focuses on bringing out the journey and experience that these business leaders lived on their way to the top. His podcasts without a doubt will leave you feeling way inspired and motivated. This podcast is available on iTunes and Stitcher.

7) The Indicator 

The Indicator, brought to you by the team of the Planet Money podcast is a show that gives you a quick insight into what’s happening with the work, business, economy and gets you quick updates about the recent headlines on the go. This podcast is available on multiple platforms and is also an NPR production.

8) Rise and Grind  

Daymond John, a star in ABC’s Shark Tank and creator of the brand FUBU is the host of this podcast that motivates you to make the most out of the 24 hours in our hands. In this show, the host speaks about the widely successful people and how well they utilized their time to be where they are today.

Having some good connections, the host interviews successful personalities like Gary Vaynerchuk and Barbara Corcoran and learns about their secrets to the way to the top.

9) Smart Passive income

Smart Passive Income, hosted by Pat Flynn is one of the award-winning weekly podcasts hosted today. This Podcast educates people on strategies and tactics on how to increase profits and grow your business online successfully.

It provides in-depth guides, how-tos, success stories, interviews, and a lot of other great resources for its listeners to take advantage of.

10) HBR Ideacast

If you’ve ever come across and couldn’t have enough of The Harvard Business Review, then this podcast would be worth your time.

HBR Ideacast features short 20-30 mins episodes of their hosts Alison Beard and Curt Nickish highlighting the concepts of how major businesses in the world perform and how they increase their productivity.

This podcast features discussions and interviews from the world’s largest leaders on issues affecting both entrepreneurs and the business world at large.

Episodes you’ll love:

  11) The $100 MBA

The $100 MBA, a very popular, award-winning podcast which has more than 50,000 listeners is an amazing podcast that aims to educate people on how to efficiently grow your business. The host Omar Zenhom dropped out of The Wharton School of Business before creating the $100 MBA. In this, the host covers practical topics related to business growth such as how to invest in your business, how to set your rates, how to grow your email list, and so on.

This podcast is available on iTunes and has a rating of a good 4.9 out of 5.

12) Brown Ambition

Brown Ambition is a podcast hosted by two amazing financial reporters, Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche. In this podcast, they talk about making good financial choices and building wealth while opting for a good career, saving, and investing options.

The hosts in this show are not afraid to take a political stand against the issues that affect the communities that face racism and in a very compelling and candid tone.

This podcast is available across channels like iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud and few episodes that we love are – 


13) Startup Nation

Startup Nation, an inspiring podcast especially for all the small business owners who want to take inspiration from other small entrepreneurs who have taken extraordinary steps to reach the top.

Startup Nation is hosted by Brothers Jeff and Rich Sloan who release new episodes every Saturday interviewing people who have faced their challenges and struggled their way to reach their goal.

14) Mixergy

Mixergy is a great podcast hosted by founder Andrew Warner who in this show provides tips, bits of advice, and strategies on how to tackle and overcome challenges that might come your way while running your business.

They have compiled interviews and courses with the help of over 1500 successful entrepreneurs that aim to help us find solutions to the most common problems encountered by us. A few common personalities interviewed by Warner are the founders of Pixar, Linked In, and Groupon.


This podcast which was first widely known as Rising Podcast aims to give insights on how to be successful and grow in the field chosen. Rachel Hollis, the host is a popular motivational speaker and a New York Times best-selling author.

A few of our favorites are –

16)  Do Weekly

The hosts Natalie and Alex being small business owners themselves understand what it is like to take care of all those little tasks to be done all alone. They came up with this podcast that creates weekly challenges or tasks to be completed for that week. From getting your marketing in place to doing your taxes in time, they help you get organized and how!

These weekly challenges are not much but you won’t realize and end up more successful, profitable, and organized in no time.

A few of our favorites are –

17) Marketing School

This marketing podcast hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Siu is essential for all the marketing advice needed for your business. This show aims at delivering bite-sized marketing advice every day. It covers topics like SEO, content marketing, email marketing and helps you take your business to next level in the right way.

A few of our favorites –

18) Skill Up

Skill Up is a podcast that is about changing marketing, sales, and customer service. It helps you skill up your SEO skills and to keep up with Google’s algorithm with its expert advice and strategies.

You can listen to this podcast on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts.

19) E-commerce Master Plan

 E-commerce master plan is a weekly series hosted by Chloe Thomas. In this podcast, the host delivers inspiring stories for online business owners packed with tips to develop and ensure a successful relationship with your customers, the new emerging technology to be used, and ways you utilize the time in hand.

Here’s a list of their Top 10!

20) The Science of Social Media

Buffer, a platform to manage social media hosts The Science of Social Media. As we all know that social media plays a vital role to help us grow our business, we need to have the knowledge and lead a good social media marketing strategy. In this podcast, you can learn from the experts and get advice and suggestions to better your social media strategies.

This podcast is available on iTunes.


Podcasts, which were not that famous then are now gaining popularity, and listening to the above podcasts will help you keep up with the trends in your industry, give you the kickstart you needed to develop a successful strategy, and not forget to help keep you in touch with your favorite inspiring leaders.

Go on and subscribe to your favorites!

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