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The rise in COVID-19 has changed everyone’s life completely. No one has gone through more changes than the students. Numerous schools have shifted to remote learning. This may come as a surprise, but most schools have completely shifted to online.

This change makes many students wonder if they can ask someone to take my online classes for me. However, what if I tell you online learning is the best thing that you will experience, thus you need to stop having thoughts like “can I pay someone to make an online class,” as you will not regret learning from it.

There are certain tips and tricks that you can use as a teacher to make online learning more effective. If you are curious to know about them, read the article below. In this post, we will talk about fifteen ways you can make online learning more effective.

Help Students Get Online

To make students stop having thoughts like can I pay someone to make an online class, you need to help them understand what it is to begin with.

Do not assume that all your students can go online on a daily basis. Many students have poor Wi-Fi coverage or they do not know how to use it. Thus, it is your responsibility to help them in providing resources that can get your students online.

Learn About Your Online Platform

Many colleges and universities are offering online learning platforms. To make your online life easier and more accessible. Therefore, to make your students have thoughts like can I pay someone to make an online class, you should familiarise yourself with the online platform before attending classes. This way you can get used to the platform before you start using it daily, and can assist better.

Realise that Students Have Different Levels of Proficiency in Technology

Usually, we assume that people who belong to the younger generation are born with technical knowledge and are online wizards who can easily adjust to remote learning. However, this is not the reality. Many students are not used to using computers and have a difficult time adjusting to them. One of the main reasons behind this is that most students do not have internet access as they belong to low-income families.

Set Up Your Home Environment Carefully

There is no doubt in admitting that students get distracted easily. Therefore, you need to make a conscious effort to choose your study place. Try studying in a secluded and quiet place, especially if you need to do live presentations.

Also, try having your study place in such a location that you have a good light source coming from behind your head so that your students can see you clearly.

Provide Various Learning Options

Students have thoughts like can I pay someone to make an online class because they find online classes not engaging. Therefore, you need to make them interesting and engaging. One of the best parts of online education is that you can try various learning options other than video conferences to make it fun. For example, having class-based on audio recordings, chat, or breakout rooms.

Create Smaller Content

Learning at home can be extremely hard for students, especially if they have younger siblings or family members at home. This leads them to get distracted easily, which makes it harder for them to engage in class. It is one of the reasons why many students ask someone to take my online classes for me. Thus, you need to make your lessons short and sweet. Try thinking of ways to break down big lectures into small pieces, videos, and crafty assignments so that students can complete them easily.

Assign Pair or Group Work

One of the biggest concerns of students is that they feel lonely and disconnected while attending online classes, which is why they ask others to take my online classes for me. The reason behind this is that they have little to no interactions with their peers. Therefore, you should assign various pair work or group activities so that students can engage with each other through online mediums.

Use Different Online Resources

The biggest advantage of switching to online learning is that you can now use various fun apps to make your courses interesting and fun for students. There are various apps like Class Dojo and Addition that you can use to communicate and manage class more effectively.

Sometimes You Can Mix Up Your Lecture

The ideal way to make any kind of learning more effective is by changing what you do regularly. If you usually give long lectures, try having a class more discussion-based. You can also divide your students into different breakout groups. Try switching up your methods to keep your class interesting.

Create a Community

It’s easy for you to develop a community when you have physical classes because students see each other daily and get to interact with each other. It doesn’t mean you cannot create a community with online learning. You can have a group with your entire class, play trivia games and celebrate the birthdays of every student.

Be Proactive

To help your students, you need to help them understand their situations as well. Each student has various problems. You need to listen to them and see it from their perspective as well. For instance, many students share a laptop with their siblings or have connectivity issues. Thus, rather than getting upset that they did not attend your class, you need to find the cause behind it so that you can work on solving it.

Create Individual Plans

As mentioned earlier, every student has a different situation. Therefore, your expectations with each student should be different as well. Thus, you need to create individual plans so that you can adapt your teaching capabilities according to each student’s abilities.

Have Office Hours

Sometimes online classes are just not enough, students need to reach out to you at some other time as well. Some students feel uncomfortable speaking up in class. Thus, they prefer meeting alone where they can express their thoughts freely. Hence, you should have office hours that students can avail themselves to discuss any problems or questions they have.

Take Things Slow

Online learning is new and overwhelming for everyone. You cannot expect your students to understand everything in the first go. Thus, you need to be patient and understanding. Take things slower than you might in in-person classes. Soon they will get used to the environment and pick up speed.

Get Feedback

Online learning is not only new for students but is also new for teachers. Therefore, you need to know how students are feeling about your new methods. Are they having a difficult time with this new step-up? Is there something that is lacking? While doing surveys online can help in identifying common struggles so that you can find solutions for them.


While online learning is a new phenomenon for everyone, you can use the ways mentioned above to make it more effective.

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