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In most college entrance examinations, competitive examinations, mathematics tests, students are demanded to solve multiple-choice questions. Students reach out to experts, whether to assist with correct essay outline or help with solving tricky MCQs. The almost similar answers confuse students to a great extent. It will always be beneficial for students to know a few strategies before attempting such complicated questions.

Know the question well

It is the most straightforward step yet missed by most of the students. This is the biggest struggle students encounter while solving multiple-choice questions or MCQs in short. There are two ways in which students fail to give the correct answer. The first one is lack of preparation. A famous quotation says that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. If you do not give enough time for your studies, solving multiple-choice questions will never be easy for you.

The second case is lack of concentration. You will mark the wrong answer when you are not paying much attention to the demand of the question. Carelessness is the common reason students lose marks in keeping the correct answer. You have to read the question more than once to know its demand.

Mentioned below are a few essential things by remembering which you can mark the correct answer:

  • Cross the option that has the chance to be wrong according to you
  • Read the questions carefully that tends to have more than one correct answer
  • Be careful about “all of the above” and “none of the above” options
  • Also, pay attention to the “all of the following except” option.

Pay attention to every single detail to avoid any problem.

Evaluate each answer to the multiple-choice question

After identifying the correct answer, quickly evaluate it once to avoid the chances of mistakes. Sometimes, the type of answers given will help you mark the right answer. If the answer is confusing, double-check the question to understand its demand.

If you have given total concentration while studying, the correct answer will be familiar to you. However, it is a rare occasion that the answers provided in the question paper were never seen by you previously.

Eliminate the wrong answers cleverly

Cross the answers you are 100% sure are incorrect for the given question. Even if you are confident about the correct answer after reading the question once, eliminate the wrong answers. Eliminating the wrong answers will ensure that your selected solution is right.

Use the process of elimination

This is more or less similar to the previously mentioned step. The only difference is that this step is helpful for questions that looks tricky. This step will help you remove all the wrong answers, and you will finally be left with the correct answer.

Select the best answer

You must read the answers thoroughly to select the best fitting answer, not just the answer looking right. Many answers will often seem correct, but only the best answer will be accurate.

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  • Read every answer option

This is a significant step and should not be skipped. This might be a silly step for some, but the majority of the students get stuck at this part. Also, mentioned previously, the best answer always has the tendency to be correct.

If you quickly assume a correct answer without even reading all the options provided to you, then there is a significant chance of you making a mistake. But, on the other hand, you don’t give an opportunity to all the answers; then, you might miss out on the best answer suitable to the question.

Answer the question you know first

After receiving the multiple-choice questions sheet, mark the questions that might look similar to you. In those questions, keep the correct answer. If you waste endless time figuring out the correct answer to the unknown question, you might lose time to mark the questions that you are confident about. Also, sometimes answering the more straightforward question first can offer you insight into answering further questions. For example, the answer to one question might be directly mentioned in the statement of some other question.

Make an educated guess

After eliminating the wrong answers, you will sometimes be left with two or three. Try to make an educated guess for a question you are unsure about. Read the answers and analyse them. You must have heard or read something about them that will give you hints to the right choice.

Pay great attention to the “not”, ‘sometimes”, and “always” words. These simple tips are the game-changers. Often in a hurry, students fail to make a difference between what is asked in the question and what is not. If you find a simple counterexample, then the answer probably is not the one you are looking for. If an answer option includes “never”, then a single counterexample will prove that the answer is the wrong one.

It’s better to stick to your first choice

It is best to stick with your first choice because it comes from your prediction. It doesn’t mean that the first choice has to be correct. Multiple choice question is not designed to confuse the students; it is designed to examine their knowledge and analytical skills.

Stay calm and think properly

This is the final and the easiest step yet; students feel anxious after getting the question paper. But, be it for the purpose of proposal essay topics or your MCQ paper, have a positive approach. Do not panic after reading an unknown answer, have some courage and move on to the next.

The correct answer contains the maximum amount of information; this is essential to know if you can do some guesswork.

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