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If you want to purchase XL (Extra Large) size in cartridge to reduce per print price and want to get free from buying cartridges too often. You want to check if your printer is compatible to XL size of cartridges or not? Here we are trying to attend this type of questions that is taking place in someone’s mind when he or she is fed up wasting time in buying in cartridges too often.

Let us learn some root stuff about the basic stuff related to XL size ink cartridges.

What Is Mean By XL Size In Ink Cartridge?

In cartridges XL ones are highly productive printer cartridges that can get large amount on prints in compare of ordinary cartridges. It can get high amount of page prints.

Page-yield is one of the most valuable volume based on ISO/IEC standard. It gives an idea of how many prints a printer cartridges can get at once. Almost all the ink as well as toner cartridges uses the page yield with the printer to count number of prints (with 5% error margin) it can produce.

Normally people like to buy XL size ink cartridges, reason is it can produce higher number of pages and hence more cost effective in compare of regular ones. Printing cost is reduced to 6 to 7% just by changing your cartridge purchase from normal one to XL ones. Also you do not need to change cartridges frequently as XL gets more prints.

Do Large Printers can accommodate XL Size Ink Cartridges?

General belief among people is that normal printer cannot accommodate XL cartridges and only large printers can only use it. That belief is not ture.

Printer ink cartridges are made to adjust with particular printers’ all models. For example HP 920 in cartridges are developed to be compatible with different HP’s same OffceJet models like 65000A or 7000 or Pro 6500 and many more similar models. Also canon compatible ink cartridges are sold with similar model system.

So you can use HP 65000A standard cartridge or same model XL ink cartridges. These two can be used vice versa easily. Same way brother printer ink cartridges can be used.

Most of the printer companies provides printers including normal cartridges not XL. Many users gets confused because of this default cartridge type and starts believing that XL cartridges might not be compatible to their printer. So, they are always looking for exact match model and size cartridges instead of more productive ones.

How to Install XL cartridges with Your Printer?

Most of people weather technical and non-technical have confusion about compatibility and installation of cartridges. They are confused that newly purchased XL cartridges can be installed with same procedure or the method is different for their model of printer.

In majority of cases, an XL cartridges includes high amount of ink inside. That doesn’t mean it is different in shape or size in compare of normal cartridge.

This clearly means that you should use the same procedure to include XL cartridges in compare of normal cartridge inside the given space in printer. No extra efforts or different method of installation is required.

Sometimes it is seen that XL printer ink Cartridge can be little big in size than normal ones. But you will be able to install it same space as you put in standard ones. There is some extra space always available.

One thing to keep in mind that you shouldn’t try to insert it forcefully. Just slowly push the cartridge inside the space and it will get fit gently. Some printer may have different process to insert cartridges that have either a lever to pull or a button to press to install the cartridge. Follow that procedure carefully.

Are Each and Every Printers suitable to XL size ink Printer Cartridges?

All new age printers available now a days are compatible with XL (or other compatible) and normal default ink cartridges. Some high end printers produced for high volume printing can also use more productive XL ink cartridges.

In new generation series printers’ manufacturers understand needs of customers and making printers that have larger size cartridge that can print thousands of pages without interruption. Epson EcoTank series is one of the example that have bigger tank and can print more pages at once. In coming days manufactures will produce only printers with bigger ink tank because it gets more interest now a days from customers.

If you anywhere see XL cartridge availability, you can believe that your ink printer is compatible to it just you need to take care of printer model number, it cannot be wrong.

There should be a label on the cartridge and serial number of the cartridge shall be printed on that sticker. The printed matter also shows what color of the cartridge is.

Cartridge packaging have a manual inside, that also have ink cartridge number. Other way website of producer or marketer of the cartridge may have particular information.

How to verify if the XL Cartridge We use is not substandard.

The shortest way to verify is sticker on the product will say it’s XL or Normal.

More descriptively I can say that this is up to the company who manufacture this. There are no common set of guidelines or standard to make big printing size cartridges.

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