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Did you finally convince your boss to give you a week of remote work to get a well-deserved break? 

Working remotely has endless benefits. With a better work-life balance, you can sit all day in your pajamas, and you don’t have to fake laugh at your boss’s bad jokes! And the best is that you can work from any place in the world!

But working remotely has its own challenges, especially if you opt to plan it in a tourist place like Mornington!

But working away at a destination is more than getting your laptop and finding a comfortable holiday rental in Mornington. So, do you want to know more about how your working offsite can be more efficient? 

Here is our guide to help you: 

Choose the Right Rental

Reliable Internet Connection

A reliable internet connection is the most crucial factor for remote work. Before booking, confirm that the rental offers high-speed Wi-Fi. Look for properties that mention strong internet connections, or contact the host to verify the speed and reliability.

Designated Workspace

A dedicated workspace is essential for maintaining productivity. Look for Mornington Peninsula accommodations that offer a desk or a suitable work area with a comfortable chair. Contact the host to inquire about workspace options if this isn’t specified in the listing.

Location and Noise Levels

Consider the location of the rental. Is it in a quiet neighborhood or near a busy street? Noise levels can significantly impact your ability to focus. Opt for rentals in quieter areas if possible, or ensure the property has good soundproofing.

Set Up Your Workspace


To avoid discomfort and potential health issues, set up an ergonomic workspace. If the rental’s furniture isn’t ideal, consider bringing portable ergonomic accessories like a laptop stand, external keyboard, and mouse.


Good lighting is crucial for reducing eye strain and maintaining focus. Position your workspace near a window for natural light, or use lamps to ensure the area is well-lit. Avoid working in dimly lit spaces.

Minimize Distractions

Create a distraction-free environment. Use noise-canceling headphones if necessary, and set boundaries with anyone sharing the space about your work hours and the importance of minimizing interruptions.

Stay Organized and Productive

Daily Schedule

Establish a daily routine to stay on track. Stick to regular working hours and take breaks as usual in a traditional office setting. This helps maintain a work-life balance and ensures productivity.

Task Management

Use task management tools like Trello, Asana, or Todoist to organize your work and prioritize tasks. Set clear goals for each day to keep focused and motivated.


Maintain open lines of communication with your team. Use video conferencing tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams for meetings and instant messaging apps like Slack for quick interactions. Regular check-ins can help you stay connected and aligned with your team.

Optimize Connectivity and Technology

Backup Internet Options

Have a backup internet solution in case the rental’s Wi-Fi fails. This could be a mobile hotspot or a tethering option from your smartphone. Ensure you have enough data to cover work needs.

Power Sources

Ensure there are enough power outlets for your devices. If necessary, bring a power strip to accommodate all your gadgets. Additionally, have a portable charger on hand for emergencies.

Software and Tools

Ensure all necessary software and tools are installed and updated before leaving. This includes VPNs for secure connections, collaboration tools, and any software required for your job.

Take Care of Well-Being

Breaks and Physical Activity

Incorporate regular breaks into your workday. Use this time to stretch, walk, or do a quick workout. Physical activity can boost productivity and reduce stress.

Healthy Eating

Utilize the kitchen in your rental to prepare healthy meals. Avoid the temptation of constant snacking and stick to a balanced diet to maintain energy levels throughout the day.

Mental Health

Working remotely, especially in a new environment, can sometimes feel isolating. Stay connected with friends and family, and explore your surroundings. This can help you feel more grounded and less stressed.

Explore Your Surroundings

Local Attractions and Activities

Take advantage of your location by exploring local attractions during your downtime. This can provide a refreshing break from work and make your remote work experience more enjoyable. You can opt for Mornington Peninsula holiday homes close to local attractions. 

Create a list of must-see attractions and events in the area. This can help you make the most of your downtime. Schedule visits to local attractions during less busy times of the week to avoid crowds and make your experience more enjoyable.

Networking Opportunities

Look for local networking events or coworking spaces. These can be great ways to professionally and personally meet new people and expand your network.

Seek local networking events to connect with professionals in your field or industry. You can join local chapters of professional associations or industry groups. These organizations often host events and gatherings. 

In your free time, look for hobby groups or clubs related to your interests, such as photography, cooking, or hiking. These groups can provide a relaxed environment for networking. In addition, volunteering for local causes or community projects can be a fulfilling way to give back and meet new people from the locality. 


Working remotely from a short-term rental can be a rewarding experience if you plan and prepare effectively. 

You can successfully combine work and travel by choosing the right rental, setting up a productive workspace, staying organized, optimizing your technology, taking care of your well-being, and exploring your surroundings. 

Embrace the flexibility and enjoy the unique opportunities that remote work in a short-term rental can offer.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.