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Layering is the part of your outfit; during winters, your whale outfit is defined by the kind of layer you are wearing over it. That is why Winter Jackets is the most important part of everyone’s wardrobe. Every year when winters are around, costume-anxiety starts hitting hard, not just to women but to men also. “Men don’t need so much to style” is just a fabricated statement as during winters, everyone witnesses men gathering up accessories as much as women, sometimes more than them. If you are a guy who loves fashion, then you must have stocked up the leather jackets. 

Though this year, the clash is between the Parka Jackets and the Puffer jackets, these two layering items have taken up all of the space in the trending list. Have your jackets before the weather strikes hard and slay in the best winter style. It is unnecessary to collect everything on the trendy list. Take the one you love, and it’ll help you in assembling the fashionista sartorial for a lifetime. Here are the styling and pros of buying both — puffer and parka — to make it easy for you to choose one.


Usually, people end up sacrificing their comfort and warmth over the styling, but that’s not going to happen with the perfectly insulated puffer jacket.

What is a puffer jacket?

The jackets filled with synthetic materials and made up to be the great insulators are known as a puffer jacket. Especially if you are living in the mini-Antarctica, then to regulate the heat of your body and to maintain the body temperature, this jacket is a must-have. Regardless of the weather outside, this jacket will keep you at the best comfortable temperature. It won’t end up ruining your fashion game; it’ll give you the best style with proper outfits underneath.

How To Style A Puffer Jacket?

Puffer jackets — also known as the down jackets, are the easiest to style over any outfit. It will look hard to style it when it is on a mannequin, but when you get the chance of wearing it, it’ll rock your outfit. Here is how you can style it beautifully:

This thick, heavy-looking jacket will look best on a flannel shirt with a t-shirt underneath. The best way to rock this outfit overall is to wear it with heavy denim or a pair of cargo pants. If your area is not too cold, you should leave the t-shirt and go directly with a flannel shirt. Also, wear boots, thick and heavy-soled boots to keep your feet warm, and have your footwear synched with the whole outfit. This outfit is ideal for hiking; add a beanie, or make your jacket hooded for any weather condition.

For your typical city wear, go with the hoodless puffer jacket in a neutral shade. The basic colors will keep your style minimum and city-like. Go with the turtleneck underneath it, a pair of jeans with the perfect pair of sneakers and tada! Your most stylish city look is all set.

 You can also take your neutral-colored puffers to your office by wearing them with a muted colored formal shirt and a pair of formal office pants, add dress shoes, and little accessories to rock the formal look.


The most flexible, stylish, and warm layers — Parka jackets — to rock your winter attire. Parka jackets offer you a lot of choices when it comes to style them. 

What Is A Parka Jacket?

Parka jackets are warm and fluffy jackets with a cotton exterior to keep you warm enough during winters. It has fur lining inside to give you the perfect temperature for winter days. Parka jackets were first worn by the hunters to stay dry and warm while hunting. This coat was made up of animal skins and furs to keep them warm then, but now they play an important role in giving you the best style.

How To Style A Parka Jacket?

If you think wearing the Parka Jacket is difficult, you are wrong, as Parka is the most versatile style. The foremost choice is to go for a parka jacket with or without furs, choose according to your preferences and slay. It is better to go with the fur ones for glossy styles while without furs will help you in achieving subtle looks. Here are the easiest styles to make with a parka jacket:

For the laid back casual look, wear a neutral color parka with the same toned rib-knitted turtle neck under it and add a pair of dark-colored bottoms, denim is preferred, under it, now all you need is a pair of sneakers and tada! Your pretty casual look is ready.

A pair of light-shaded chinos with a full-sleeved t-shirt in dark color and a black Parka jacket over it with a pair of dress shoes is enough for a semi-casual look. So gear it up and boom! Have the most classic look at your office.

Parka jackets also work with double layering your formal three-piece suits, and it gives your classy formal look more sleek style.

Inclusively, Parka and Puffer jackets are the dominant ones in Winter Jackets For Men this year. You can either go with both of them or stick to the one.

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