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We know that you have always wanted your home to look distinctly ahead of others and for this; you often explore the depths of fashion and interior designing. When we talk about a trend; we generally include aspects like style, colors, materials, and shapes that are popular in respect to the time. But there’s one more important aspect that we often ignore, and that is good quality paint and paint tools. You might be wondering what paint tools have to do with interior designing. Good quality painting equipments lay the basic foundation for your creativity that is used to bring some exceptional changes in your home to make people adorn its beauty to the fullest. In this post, we will discuss some important aspects of interior designing trends 21 which will keep you elevated throughout the time that you spend in your home.

Replace Straight Lines with curves

We are talking about the major furniture and decors that you have in your home to depict your status and lifestyle. Remember, furniture and home decors are the best ways to express your attitude and style before your visitors. Hence, try getting some curved-shaped sofas and furniture that will surely add to the beauty of your living room. Curves and smooth edges will offer a comfortable and casual vibe in your home’s environment. People prefer these curved-shaped furniture and decors much these days and this will be a major trend in the coming time too.

Use Bold Wallpapers

Whether it is your living room, dining room, or any other part of your home, bold and dynamic wallpapers are hitting the walls everywhere you go. Yes, choosing some appealing wallpapers will work wonders in providing your walls a ravishing look and allowing you to express your joy and zeal through some creative designs on your walls. It can be geometrical patterns, landscape scenery, abstract shapes, human/animal figures, or simply anything that best expresses your creativity and imagination on walls.

Statement Ceilings

Statement ceilings have recently hit the interior designing industry and have attracted good amount of traffic towards them. You can choose among bold colors and patterns, mirror fixtures, and painted arts on your ceilings. You can also choose spray paint tools to get better results from your painting task.

Bringing Nature to Your Home

The interior designing trends seem to take sharp turn towards eco-friendly approach where you have ample options to refurbish your home with some out-of-the-box approach. You can easily choose among various décor elements made of real or faux natural materials. You can search for some trusted paint store in Dubai and incorporate natural wood everywhere from flooring to countertops, from accent décor to cabinets. Using eco-friendly paints along with such combination will definitely add to the tranquility and pleasure.

Monochrome Palette

The upcoming interior designing trend will surely embrace the classic elegance with some black & white finishes. You can choose the combinations where lightings and fixtures can be simply kept dark shaded while decorative objects and accessories can be introduced through the Scandinavian design styles. Use good quality painting equipments to ensure quality finish on your walls.

Making Spaces Flexible

Earlier, the interior designing concept was limited to spaces which were designated as a major part of your home. For an instance a dining hall will be used for dining purpose only and a study room will be used for study purpose only. Now, people want to make maximum use of the space available at their homes. So you can create some multi-functional spaces in your home. This aspect can prove to be quite useful for people living in limited space.

Textured Walls

This is also one of the most recognized trends that has got attention in previous some time. People are making good use of textured paints to offer a new and stylish look to walls. You can easily attain perfection using good quality spray paint tools. The design and pattern can be easily drawn on walls using textured paints. It’s proving to be a perfect blend of retro inspiration along with some eclectic flair. You can choose for marbling techniques and some abstract designs which will surely add a new dimension to your room.

Interior designing trends depict a shift towards retro look along with an appealing combination of some latest materials which can completely transform the look of your home.

By Anurag Rathod

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