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Running a business or starting a venture can incorporate a handsome quantity of money, which one requires to finance in the initial stage of the company. A number of entrepreneurs usually do not have instant liquid cash that can ensure a smooth business operation for the long term. Hence, they opt for small business lending from several financial lending institutions to ensure the smooth functioning of the business. 

However, getting a business loan for your startup or small arrangement may sound easy but comprises multiple complex procedures. While getting the loan approved for a business, it may not be that smooth oftentimes. Several times, an applicant may face rejection by banks or financial institutions. 

In this case, various factors play a significant role that can be your road blockage in the way of your getting the loan sanctioned. And because of these factors, your lending application may face rejection as well. Here are those reasons which you should consider while applying for a business loan for your small enterprise. 

Reasons your small business lending can get rejected:

  • Credit Score of the Company- 

When the matter is about availing of a company loan, the company’s credit score strikes an influential role. In general, the rating of the credit directly reflects the creditworthiness of an entrepreneur or business owner. And, consequently, banks or financial institutions take into courtesy both the aggregates, which are business credit scores, including personal credit scores, as well. 

However, the credit score covers the financial history of the business as well as the financial reports of the customer. Including, it also covers tax return details, business registration details, tax registration details, etc. Therefore, if a company has defaulted on the credits in history, then the corresponding will remain reflected on the credit score accordingly. Furthermore, it will decrease the score that shall hurt the ratings. 

Apart from this, the personal loan record also conducts a commensurate weightage. If the business owner cannot manage his personal score, inevitably, he will not be able to handle the loan score of the firm either. Henceforth, a weak credit score or below credit rating can conclude a greater chance of getting rejected for the business loan. 

  • Unseemly Paperwork- 

Every applicant should provide all necessary, plus required information and documents to the lender to get approved for the business credit. The money lending organisation can ask the applicant for documents like financial statements, bank account statements, company plus personal tax returns, leases, contracts, business plans, legal documents, etc. 

Due to the lack of experience, sometimes, many companies cannot provide sufficient or accurate documents with practical and appropriate records. That leads the company towards business loan rejection. Every financial lender prefers providing finance to the prospective borrower. Hence, the lender demands accurate paperwork, enterprise plans and documents to be pertinent to the line. 

  • Lacking Collateral- 

Having a lack of adequate collateral is one of the significant causes behind why your loan application can receive a declination. The bank of financial institutions usually requires to verify physical property or collateral that generally the borrower provide with a guarantee to them for non-repayment of the loan.

However, a small or seeding company may not have such assets to keep as a guarantee. Besides, many borrowers do not even prefer to guarantee their personal assets like home, car, etc., as security. 

  • Nominal loan amount – 

Most small businesses opt for a nominal amount of finance since they do not require a high cash amount. These businesses find lower funding easy and manageable. However, for banks or lenders, the nominal or lower loan amount does not seem profitable for earning compared to the expected return. 

Hence, the lender or bank consider financing the higher loan amount since it is way more profitable than the nominal amount. In that contrast, the borrower needs to estimate and evaluate all necessary aspects of the business and place the forecast. Depending on that, they can apply for a business loan. 

  • Risks involved with the business establishment – 

There are few business industries that always associated with failure concern. I.e., a stock broking company that depends on the fluctuations of the market. Therefore, the bank may not agree to provide the funding to the applicant. 

Few Last Words:

As of now, you can acknowledge that these are pretty definite reasons for which your application for small business lending can get declined. In that case, being a business person, applicant and borrower, you have to be very careful regarding your assessment. Also, you have to properly apply for the loan with correct records to get easy approval for your loan. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.