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One of the devices that are highly prominent in the digital industry today is the handheld spectrum compact analyzer. The older models have a history of over 50 years, and the constant development has lead to the appearance of new, improved versions such as the Spectrum Compact models in the market. The development of this device consisted of extensive research; therefore, today, we can see various types of analyzers that cover different frequency ranges. This article will cover the principles of one of the unique products within the handheld spectrum analyzer market, the Spectrum Compact by SAF Tehnika, as well as the benefits it provides.

What Is a Handheld Spectrum Analyzer?

Handheld Spectrum Analyzers are used widely for testing the devices that will measure and plot the signal strength (power) against the chosen frequency range. One can see a huge span of signal behaviours because the signal strength is displayed on logarithmic scales.

Commonly, spectrum analyzers are used for determining the precision of wireless transmitters. The bandwidth and frequency of the output signal can be compared with the input signal parameters. The components of RF signals are easily detected through the spectrum compact analyzer.

This includes power, dominant frequencies, distortion of signal and interference hunting of intruder signals. The applications that go beyond RF also include automotive radar testing, satellite communications, as well as fibre optics communications and indoor signal mapping.

Spectrum Compact comes with technology of the on-site analysis of spectrum that can capture elusive or transient events. Features included are signal tracing, suppression of artificial harmonics, mask mode and time plot recordings.

Benefits of Spectrum Compact Analyzer

Benefits of Spectrum Compact Analyzer

There are several key advantages of using a handheld spectrum analyzer, such as:

  • Spectrum Compact is intuitive in use, making it a great tool for onboarding new members of an engineering team. An instruction of just half an hour is enough to teach basics and dispatch a junior engineer on a job of performing tests at hand.
  • Spectrum Compact is much more affordable compared to the cost of a classic oscilloscope.
  • The product line consists of 7 models, each with its own dedicated frequency range. The user chooses a device suited for specific application requirements, making it a cost-efficient decision. The full line covers a frequency range between 300 MHz and 87 GHz.
  • Spectrum Compact devices are powered by a battery, hence why the use of any external power source or connection to a PC is not required.
  • Spectrum Compact analyzer makes use of the resistive touch-screen technology, allowing engineers to wear gloves while they make use of the device.
  • A low noise floor ensures that the weakest signals within the frequency range are getting detected.
  • Spectrum Compact has an IP 54 marking that guarantees that the device stays protected from dust and harsh weather. The device is designed for handheld use, making it a trusty companion on outdoor trips.
  • The purchase of any of the Spectrum Compact devices comes with an addition -the Spectrum Manager PC software. Not only does it upgrade user experience when utilized with Spectrum Compact applications, but it also introduces new functions, such as PiB (Power in Band), overlay and min/max hold.

Final Thoughts

Spectrum Compact provides high portability and makes it the perfect tool for field engineers. The measurement and testing are easy, and the device comes at an economical cost without compromising the precision of testing. The World’s first and smallest handheld microwave spectrum analyzer, the Spectrum Compact is truly a unique device that combines exceptional quality and practicality. Great all-around tool both for a rookie and an experienced engineer!

By Anurag Rathod

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