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Baldness is a ritual of passing. We proudly gave up the requirement for hair, and we walked into the world as bald as the day we were born. However, this requires some guts. If you consider shaving your head – full, original and uncensored, you will obviously feel a little vulnerable. After all, your head will be naked for the first time. We understand the hesitation of using a razor all the way. So, for anyone who wants to shave their head seriously, here are 6 reasons you should do it.

Look better 

Baldness is sexier than you think. This appearance demonstrates the original integrity of a man with ownership. However, if you cannot but stubbornly retain the remaining patches, the scalp will become a time capsule or hair protection centre-“Here, ladies, her hair is my hairline, and A is the remaining thing”. Why advertise losses when you can shave and win money? A man with a bald head is more attractive than a man without a bald head. We call these people denial patients, which is a desperate and needy situation. Instead, show independence. Shave your head, immerse yourself in confident handsomeness, and make yourself cool.

Fight your fears

As Batman learned, “Fear is the greatest obstacle to mankind”. When you are afraid of something, you are easily affected by it. According to this logic, the fear of baldness can make you weak because you cannot control your hair. However, by eliminating it, your fear can no longer control you. Think about how Bruce Wayne overcomes fear. He manifests in Batman’s form, making him seem invisible in the bat so that he can become stronger and ferocious. Likewise, it would be best if you manifested your fear by becoming the fearless bald winner. Once you shave your head with best electric shaver for face and body and join the company, when you conquer the essence of fear, the traces of fear become invisible literally and visually.

Feel more confident

Embracing your natural rock style will empower you. However, let yourself bear the pain of saving hair; this is a huge guarantee of confidence. Between using hair growth serum and styling techniques to create the illusion, you will create an external logo that you do not have. How frustrating is that? Shaving your hair through skull shaver’s best electric shaver for women can save you from procrastination, rejection and the trouble of hair loss. You will be more confident in developing your natural identity rather than concealing perceivable losses.

 Can’t fight fate

Our hair has a predetermined path in life. We cannot resist our DNA; it is already planned in our genetic code. Why not struggle (failure) and fight against fate? Why not focus on loving life and bald heads? When you get rid of the inevitable anxiety, you will feel at ease. Just cut the umbilical cord to the remaining follicles. They are not your friends, but you are!

Not a follower

Baldness is not a problem; the problem is society. By implementing stereotypes about young people and attractiveness on Instagram or TV, society has made everyone drink the unsafe cool-aid. If you are brainwashed, you will do all kinds of things for your appearance. You will take unnecessary supplements, wear hair or use serums to solve problems that do not actually exist. This is no different from the way women think cartoon eyelashes and puffer lips are hotter. Do not follow blindly. You do not need hair beauty care; you only need yourself. Shave your head and accept this truth.

Keep more dignity

Being bald naturally makes people feel at ease. Just watch John Travolta on Instagram, posing before the “Legends of Aviation” awards ceremony. Running arrogantly, his bald head made him calm and calm in class. He strongly proved that shaved head is the epitome of “going high.” However, it is hard to feel this kind of pride when you treat your scalp as a place to preserve cultural relics like an archaeologist overhead. After joining The Bald Company, you can reduce losses like a bald winner. You will maintain eternal dignity-always maintain a fashionable style.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.